Ayikai Doblo’s royal household despatched the police a courtroom ruling that challenged Amo Dodoo’s “authority”

Amo Dodoo, also known as Nii Azonto, TJ

Ayikai Doblo’s elders and legitimate kingmakers in Ga West Township presented a court ruling to Ga West Municipal Police today proving a power of attorney that Amo Dodoo aka Nii Azonto is using as the basis of his claim to authority as caretaker of their lands.

The elders say Nii Azonto is a member of one of the three royal families named Kwe Fio We, but his elders neither nominated him nor introduced him to the three-member royal family that installed Ayikai Doblo’s head.

They also said that the Akunmanjeng chief does not install a chief in Ayikai Doblo and has no legal and constitutional authority over their land to give anyone power of stewardship of the same.

“As in 1985, we appoint our chief and only introduce him to Chief Akunmanjeng for traditional administrative and cultural reasons,” explained the elders.

In a letter dated Friday, June 11, 2021, to the Ga West Municipal Police Command, the elders thanked the police for agreeing to their petition to cease the activities of the land guard in their community and an attached judgment The Supreme Court submitted the alleged police power of attorney told Amo Dodoo that he had over the country.

Alhaji Ibrahim Adjah, head of Kwe Fio We of the Ayikai Doblo royal family, said: “Interestingly, investigations have shown that the chief of Akunmanjeng, whom Amo Dodoo claims, gave him authority over the Ayikai Doblo lands has written to join. to inquire the Lands Commission about the status of Ayikai Doblo land and the commission had informed him that the land is not chair land but family land. He’s not a member of the family who owns the land. ”

“So with what authority did he give someone power of attorney over the lands?” He asked, adding, “We have given the police copies of all of these documents. These are some of the things we need to fix as a country. The people in this country do what they want.”

He said, “This guy is simply trying to deceive unsuspecting people like land buyers, police officers and media people with a fictional document he calls authorization. Unfortunately, many do not interrogate it professionally and appropriately to detect its fraud.”

Ayikai Doblo has a history of land guardian activities that have killed some people whose families have not yet received justice from the state.

Following the death of their chief Nii Doblo Ayikai II, who was installed in 1985, a member of the royal family, Amo Dodoo, who claims to have authority to administer their land, was accused of attempting to self-install and enforce as chief over the royal family and the people to their chagrin.

Even before Nii Doblo Ayikai II died, the same Amo Dodoo was involved in Land Guard activities and a murder case that is currently on trial. Recently, the Elders of the Compound Royal Family petitioned the Greater Accra Regional Police Command with copies to the Ga West Municipal Division Command to help stop the land guard activities and indiscriminate shootings in their community, which they claimed , of him with his land guards before a planned self-installation as boss.

The divisions’ regional and local police commands have met the elders about their recent petition and assured them that they will provide the necessary security to maintain peace and order in the community while the family seeks legal solutions to all legal issues.

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