B Corp-certified Quebec legislation agency is increasing to incorporate a boutique company legislation agency

On May 3, Hillier and Tremblay announced that the boutique law firm Mile Wright & Co Inc. would join their team. “Sophie and I started out as two people in a tiny little office in Old Montreal,” he says, but have been recruiting world-class lawyers ever since, “and we’ve grown to 26 today.

“It was a big part of our success being able to attract the kind of lawyers we could hire. To see these lawyers put aside the luxurious lifestyle of Big Law to practice in a different environment, to do the blue chip work, but also to make that daily contribution to society through our social impact model, the one for the future is really encouraging. “

They pride themselves on that, says Hillier, as the company balances blue-chip customers with the same amount of time as eligible low-income individuals, nonprofits, and social enterprises. These include “a 72 year old woman who is mistakenly evicted from her home, or a small nonprofit that has an employee problem but cannot afford the services of a lawyer, or a social enterprise that is just starting out and would do so Benefit from the help of a corporate lawyer. “

This work earned NOVAlex its status as the only law firm in Quebec, which, according to the B Corp website, was named Certified B Corporation or B Corp, a “new breed of business that balances purpose and profit.” Such organizations are “legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment,” says B Corp. Strength forever. “

According to Hillier, NOVAlex has also been able to build an interesting business clientele at home and abroad, including listed companies, large multinational companies and rapidly growing scale-up companies. Her work includes finance, acquisition transactions, litigation, labor and trademark and intellectual property rights, office and compliance work, local law and construction.

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