Brian Littrell warns Britney Spears to be “cautious” within the battle for authority on social media | superstar

Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell says he needs to “be careful” of what Britney Spears posts on social media.

The 46-year-old singer spoke out in support of a “poisonous” hitmaker during a court battle to remove his father, Jamie Spears, from his guardians.

But “all” hitmakers are two mothers with sons Sean (15) and Jayden (14) and ex-husband Kevin Federline, who work “hard” on what they share with the world. Insisted it should be.

In an interview with TMZ about the “unique situation” of the 49-year-old pop icon and her regular social media posts, he said: “In today’s world, what she experiences is viewed under a microscope.

“She has to be careful. She is a parent, a mother, and in a unique situation. That doesn’t happen … it has happened before, but it doesn’t always happen.

“But she has to be smart. I think she must be hardworking. I can’t stop social media. She does what she does. She is Britney.

“You want people to be behind you. In it, you just have to be careful and respect what you post on social media.

“Especially in times like these. But we want to do our best for them. She’s a smart young woman and grew up in this business – it’s hard – but she’s also smart.

“I think you have to wear these different hats at the same time to be professional, to get what you deserve.”

The “lucky” hitmaker has been protected since 2008 and her father is currently overseeing her property and finances while Jody Montgomery is in charge of her.

Jamie has just filed a court document claiming her daughter is “insane” and unable to make important decisions.

Jamie claims in part of his filing that Jody told him in July that Britney was suffering from her mental health and suggested putting her under 5150 psychiatric restrictions. However, she reportedly withdrew the application just days later.

And now Jody attacked Jamie’s allegations, accusing Britney’s father of “misrepresenting” their conversation in order to “attack” Britney’s personality.

Elsewhere in his document, Jamie also beat up Britney’s new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, claiming he was “vaguely to blame”.

Jamie’s decision to show a singer’s health record was made in response to a request from Britney’s legal team earlier this week.

Brian Littrell warns Britney Spears to be “cautious” in the battle for authority on social media | celebrity

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