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Britney Spears’ agent is demanding that her power of attorney be revoked.

In a long Instagram post, Cade Hudson announced that he had previously been silent to save his career, but he “officially went silent,” said Britney father Jamie, 39. I hope to be released from Spears’ control.

TMZ reports that Hudson posted on his private Instagram page: I’m brainwashing her – Britney lm talking now.

“As a new mom, 26, accused of waiting to tape her wrong movements and pointing 100 cameras at her face every day, Britney is under endless protection. Will you be Gender discrimination is best.

“This is a violation of the basic human rights of someone who has been robbed. I lost my job as their agent and shut my mouth for fear of losing my career. A threat from a man everyone knows. But it is not worthy to say his name. I am officially silent. “

Kade always had Britney’s greatest interests in his heart, but added that there was a “silence” “a person”.

He writes: “The system and the public have failed them. I know your new lawyer is the best and the job is just getting started, but it’s progress and hope and we can take action. That’s all you can ask for right now.

“I ended up having a couple of things, one person in their life (who can no longer be legally named) was also silenced by the people around them. Your silencer is you I know who he is. This person has their greatest interest from the bottom of their hearts. It’s time to get my girl back.

“You don’t have to look at it now. If you’re worried, you know.

“We have to stop the nonsense and start the healing process. The Lord tends to reward this person in His own way. So I’m saying #FREEBRITNEY publicly for the first time. “

Britney called for the end of her “abusive” power of attorney and recently received permission from a judge to hire former federal attorney Matthew S. Rosengart on her behalf.

Britney Spears’ agent demands the end of the power of attorney | Entertainment news

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