Britney Spears’ cousin helps pop stars to finish the ability of legal professional: she “deserves higher”

Britney Spears ‘cousin and former assistant Ali Sims has come out in support of the pop star after a hearing with Spears’ youngest parents, who first brought them up on the subject in recent years.

The 39-year-old actress spoke to the Los Angeles Superior Court with an enthusiastic plea to break the power of attorney that has been in force since 2008.

“”[Britney] Sims wrote Thursday that he had lived in Hell for a long time with his father and caregivers, along with an Instagram post that featured the hashtag #FreeBritney on a brightly colored background. .. “

“Britney and everyone else are even better,” continued Sims, who starred in the documentary “Framing Britney Spears.” “I’m proud of what she said and many come to bring the people around her, get rid of their money and give her the life she is looking for. I hope it is the first in the information. “

Britney Spears adult guardianship timeline

Spears gave the prepared speech to the court over the phone under pressure, but the judge had to tell Spears to slow down because the spears were too fast for the court reporter to catch up.

According to People magazine, Spears was “very nervous” that he was being documented despite having asked the court for a hearing.

Britney Spears Urges “Manage” Power of Attorney for Years: Report

“Britney was very nervous about speaking in front of the judge,” a source told the publication. “She is also very grateful that she allowed it. This is her life and she wants a big change. “

In her speech in court, the “poisonous” singer explained almost immediately that she had felt in no way “heard” at her last court hearing in 2019.

Britney Spears was just one of many celebrities whose medical records were sold to tabloids.

Grammy-winning attorney Samuel D. Ingam III, who was appointed to court, also spoke in court and demonstrated that he would not interfere with the Spears at any time.

In his speech, Spears claimed that he “loved” his father, Jamie Spears, who ruled them as their guardian.

Britney Spears’ Power of Attorney: She wants to “get a lot of this over with,” sources said.

James P. Spears (aka Jamie) was named his daughter’s guardian in 2008 after Spears was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and received an involuntary psychiatric evaluation. It was a mandatory move through the guardianship system.

“I want change, and I want it to change,” Spears said in a court speech. The star went on to say that she did not want to be assessed to see if she had regained her mental abilities.

James P. Spears, also known as Jamie, was named his daughter’s guardian in 2008.
(Getty Images)

“I just want to get my life back,” she says. “I want to own my money and allow my boyfriend to drive me in his car. I want to sue my family. “

Elsewhere in Spears’ 20-minute diatrib, she made it clear to the court that she had been forced to take lithium against her will.

Britney Spears calls for the end of her mandate: “I just want to get my life back.”

“It’s a strong drug. If you continue for more than 5 months, you can cause mental illness, ”she insisted on the drug. “I was drunk and couldn’t talk to my mom or dad.”

She also criticized the care or lack of care that her father Jamie allegedly forced her to fall. This included 6 different nurses and several psychiatric reports.

Claiming that her father was lazy while she had to look incompetent, Spears added that he was responsible for making all the decisions in her life.

“God didn’t do my family,” she smoked. “Whatever I had to do [my dad] It was this person who approved everything. The whole family did nothing. “

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In addition to hoping to terminate the power of attorney immediately, Spears expressed her desire to ditch Ingam III as her current attorney and choose her own attorney.

Spears goes on to argue that the proxy system, unlike intrauterine devices (IUDs), prevents them from making certain decisions themselves.

“I want to get married and have a baby,” Spears said.

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At the hearing, Jamie’s attorney Vivian Thoreen made a brief statement on his behalf after speaking to him during recess.

“He’s sorry to see his daughter suffer and suffer so,” Thoreen said. “Mr. Spears loves your daughter and misses her dearly.”

Mariah Haas of Fox News and The Associated Press contributed to this report

Britney Spears’ cousin supports pop stars to end the power of attorney: she “deserves better”

Source link Britney Spears cousin supports pop stars to end the power of attorney: she “deserves better”

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