Britney Spears desires his father’s energy of lawyer revoked

Washington [US]Aug 6 (ANI): American singer-songwriter Britney Spears, in a new court document filed Thursday, urged a Los Angeles court to remove his father, Jamie Spears, immediately from the reservation.

According to Fox News, Spears attorney Mathew Rosengart filed an evaluation request on Thursday demanding that the upcoming September 29 hearing on her adult guardianship be postponed until later this month.

Pop star attorneys have always been keen to release their father as guardian of their property on Spears’ behalf, but the singer wishes it could be done as soon as possible.

Court records obtained from Fox News read: A motion to appoint Jason Rubin as guardian of the estate. “Instead, the parents are demanding an immediate suspension of James P. Spears as guardian and the appointment of Jason Rubin as temporary guardian.” It is currently set for September 29, 2021. Reason. “

Rosengart has asked the court to postpone the September 29 hearing “to the earliest date this court calendar allows after August 23, 2021”. His motion also calls for the hearing to be postponed from September 29 to September 5.

The document states: “On the contrary, every day that goes by is another day of avoidable harm and prejudice against Ms. Spears and real estate. Petition Code Section 2650, July Checked Under Ms. Spears’ Emotional Health. Britney’s attorney went on to state that the motion was in Spears’ “best interests”, as in the petition and filing dated 26. He insists. It is “important” to your wellbeing.

Last month, Rosengart was named Spears’ new attorney after the June bomb test in Los Angeles Superior Court. On June 23, the singer turned to Judge Brenda Penny, calling her 13-year-old power of attorney “abuse” and claiming that her father was “in control” of her life. Did.

She reprimanded her in the open space for 24 minutes, accused her father of controlling her life, and said she suffered from depression and lack of sleep.

In July, Rosengart asked to replace Jamie with Jason Rubin. Britney’s attorney called the move “an objective and intellectual preference for appointing a highly qualified and professional trustee in this situation.” Thursday’s filing in court is the latest in Britney’s 13-year power of attorney. After the public collapse, Britney was given power of attorney in 2008 and the judge appointed Jamie both her person’s guardian and her property’s guardian. (ANI)

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