Britney Spears desires to finish the “I wish to get my life again” restricted mandate

“I want to be able to sue my family honestly,” he said. Britney Spears Today I’m going to call the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. “It’s a lie after telling the whole world it’s okay,” added former Princess Pop at a hearing about her longstanding limited protection. “I’m not happy, I can’t sleep, I’m depressed, I cry every day.”

“It is my wish and dream to end all of this. Spears often rushed when family members, attorneys, and court officials listened, “Really, this power of attorney is fraudulent. I think … I want to end the adult guardianship system without being judged. I want to petition for the end of adult guardianship. “

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The long-awaited performance of a “poisonous” singer with enthusiastic foreign fans was one of the few Spears to have appeared since his admission to an extensive reservation in 2008. For her father, Jamie Spears followed a number of public incidents and hospital stays.

After years of strife on social media and in court, Samuel D. Ingam III, the singer’s chief attorney, notified the court. April 27th His client said, “I want to speak to the court directly.” The #FreeBritney movement, which has grown exponentially from the poll, has stepped up the limelight. Britney Spears framing documentary released on Hulu and FX in February The Spear made it today.

At one point Spears shouted passionately that her father “100% loved that he ruled me”.

Spears’ remarks on Wednesday were far from the usual dance moves and mysterious remarks she posted on social media.

The most common manifestation of Spears’ complaints over the past 13 years isn’t really the first time he’s attempted to readjust legal equations today. A court that defies the popular rule that her father has over $ 50 million in property, medical, personal, and professional decisions. Britney Spears, 39, believed that her parents “also” controlled her life and things, according to a document quoted in a New York Times poll published yesterday.

In most cases, except in serious cases, Spears’ condition has been repeatedly upheld by courts, although the power of attorney often lasts for months or years at most. This situation continues, although it was a very lucrative Las Vegas deal until Spears released albums regularly from 2013 to 2019 and announced “Indefinite Work Suspension”. About the health of her sometimes estranged father.

According to a then social media daughter, Jamie Spears was “almost dead” in a ruptured colon. That same year, attorney Andrew Wallet resigned from the power of attorney, and Elder Spears later gave up his daughter’s medical supervision, but not her finances and, consequently, her career. Licensed Trustee, Jody Montgomery, was temporarily appointed as guardian two years ago. Britney’s attorney Samuel D. Ingam III. petitioned the court in March of this year to make it permanent – today Spears himself said, “Even Jody is starting to overdo it.”

At a hearing earlier this year, Ingham Judge Penny said his client was “afraid of his father” and “will not act while his father is responsible for their career.” As a result, Jamie Spears has been sharing her daughter’s cash management with Bessemer Trust, an asset management company commissioned by LASC Judge Brenda Penny, since February of this year.

Unsurprisingly, there were some technical glitches in today’s hearing due to the huge interest in Spears’ performance. In particular, after the LASC website crashed and the vibration of the login page overwhelmed the system, it had to be reset just before the hearing was scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. PT. In fact, Spears himself had a problem because Judge Penny’s clerk did not recognize her when the singer first called to access the hearing. When asked to identify himself, Spears hesitated and said, “Oh, Britney Spears!”

At the end of Spears’ comment, Judge Penny said to her, “I was very brave, thank you, thank you very much.”

The hearing is currently on a brief hiatus with Spears’ father expected to speak in court from his own remote location later that afternoon.

Britney Spears wants to end the “I want to get my life back” limited mandate

Source Link Britney Spears wants to end the limited “I want to get my life back” deadline

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