Britney Spears doesn’t have a ultimate phrase on the energy of legal professional listening to

Britney Spears She wants the judge to know of her long-term mandate, but it is almost certain that even if she so wishes, it will not be done without the approval of a medical team.

As you know, Britney will speak to the judge at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Many fans hope to be released from their 13-year protection.

To date, she has never asked the court to end the power of attorney … never. Multiple sources tell TMZ that Britney was in a loggerhead turtle with her father. Jamie, For many years. Jamie was once her personal guardian and guardian of her property. He has now been designated as her personal guardian and is now the joint guardian of her property with a financial institution.

One of the things she revealed … she doesn’t play until her dad is completely out. However, according to our sources, we haven’t taken any steps to plan to get back on stage or into the studio when Jamie is gone.

So the question … will Britney get rid of the guardianship system altogether? It really is a wild card. The difference now is that she seems to have a stable, fairly long-term relationship with her boyfriend. Sam Asgari..You I’ve started dating It’s entirely possible that Britney feels that Sam can take care of her – so no guardianship is required.

That is, if Britney asks for the end of the power of attorney, that is the beginning of the story … not the end. She was admitted to the guardianship system for medical reasons. According to direct knowledge sources … A medical team says she is in a condition that prevents her from safely caring for her. Doctors are said to be responsible for the entire proxy system and not to have changed their minds.

It’s pretty obvious … if Britney wants, the judge will want to hear from the doctor … what current and past judges have reviewed regularly for the past 13 years. That is the central question of the guardianship system – can Britney safely take care of herself and others for whom she is responsible? If the answer is yes, the judge must terminate the power of attorney, but if the judge believes the answer is no based on what the doctor has said, she almost certainly will. Lose the offer to end the power of attorney.

TMZ covers all perspectives of today’s listening and then transmits the analysis via livestream.

Stay tuned.

Britney Spears does not have a final word at the power of attorney hearing

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