Britney Spears’ energy of legal professional helps promote laws at Nationwide Information

Spears spoke in a public court accusing his father and others of administering the power of attorney for a mental crisis in 2008. Prevented her from marrying or having another child.

Spears’ father and attorney point out that they and their assets, which have a court record of more than $ 50 million, remain vulnerable to fraud and manipulation. Under applicable law, Spears is responsible for demonstrating their proficiency before the case is closed.

Mace and Christo were hoping for more bipartisan support for the law. This will give the state a grant of at least $ 260 million to hire clerks and parents.

The #FreeBritney movement has already crossed party lines.

“Everyone is worth controlling their body. Massachusetts Congressman Katherine Clark, the fourth-tier Democrat, tweeted last month after Spears testified.

Some House Republicans have invited Spears to testify before Congress. The Political Department of the House of Representatives Republican Caucus sent a text describing Mr. Spears as a “victim of toxic government overkill and censorship.”

Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump’s close ally, Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, appeared in front of Spears supporters shortly before a court in downtown Los Angeles. Roared.

Britney Spears’ power of attorney helps promote legislation at National News

Source Link Britney Spears Power of Attorney Helps Promote Legislation National News

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