Britney Spears is submitting paperwork of her selection to switch Jamie on energy of lawyer

Britney Spears And their new lawyer made the move … they are filing legal documents on behalf of the person who wants to administer the protection … for commercial transactions.

Britney’s lawyer, Matt Rosengart, Submitted a document with the request Jason Rubin Appointed guardian of their property. Rubin is a well trained accountant and believes Rosengert is likely perfectly suited to handling Britney’s contracts and other duties.

Rubin has experience in financial and elder abuse proceedings and has managed a complex trust portfolio … according to his website.

All of this, of course, assumes that Rosengart and Britney can take Jamie away as custodians of their property.

According to documents received by TMZ, Rubin has full financial powers to administer Britney’s property and the authority to make medical decisions and administer the property.

The proxy system is interesting. Health care decisions are given to the parents of Britney people … now Jody Montgomery..

According to the documentation, Britney and Rosengart also want Rubin to file an injunction.

Documentation states that Britney’s cash assets are $ 2,730,454 and real assets are $ 57,666,398. This is arguably not their full financial portfolio. Many Morgan Stanley accounts are listed and the property (apartment) is worth $ 8,455,483.

TMZ broke history … Rosengart tries to remove first Jamie A full jacket press is then performed to end the adult guardianship system.

A hearing of Rubin’s arrival is scheduled for December 13th and Britney states in a document that she will be there in person.

Britney Spears is filing documents of her choice to replace Jamie on power of attorney

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