Britney Spears lawyer Sam Ingham resigns his energy of lawyer

Sam Ingam, Attorney as authorized representative Britney Spears When her guardian resigned … TMZ found out.

Ingam, who has represented Britney for 13 years, is due to file legal documents today … with the aim of being dismissed as Britney’s court-appointed attorney.

A direct-to-know source told TMZ that Ingam was very angry at Britney’s testimony in court … didn’t know she could end her adult guardianship. Ingam is said to have given Britney regular options, such as calling for the end of the power of attorney, but she did not want to pull the plug.

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According to our sources, Britney told Ingam about the distance. JamieBut she didn’t want to end the guardianship system. The last straw is said to have been when Britney told the judge he never told her that ingam was required by law … that is, informing her of her options. ..

Due to the confidentiality of the lawyer / client, Ingam should not go into details in his statements.

Ingum follows Larry RudolphBritney’s longtime manager, who resigned on Monday, stop playingSo there was no reason to keep her manager going. Britney accused Rudolph Make them run During the 2018 European tour, but as we reported, there was supposedly a lot of communication, including a text message at the time Britney was “begging” to go on tour.

According to our sources, there will be more resignations this week as well. At the next court hearing later this month, members of the parenting team are due to present evidence to judges who disagree with much of what Britney said in court.

As you know, Britney is in power. Ruined her life..

Britney Spears attorney Sam Ingham resigns his power of attorney

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