Britney Spears permits new legal professional to struggle for energy

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Supreme Court ruled that the admitted Spears had hired former federal attorney Matthew Rosengart to represent them.

Los Angeles – The judge allowed Britney Spears to hire an attorney of her choice at a hearing on Wednesday. There she shed tears after explaining the “cruelty” of her guardian.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny has approved the hiring of Spears’ former federal attorney Matthew Rosengart.

“The problem remains why he is involved,” said Rosengart outside the court.

Britney Spears told the judge he approved Rosengart after attending a telephone hearing and having several conversations with the judge. Then she asked to go to the court, but she asked to have the court evacuated.

When Rosengart began insisting on a private hearing, Spears stopped telling him, “I can open it and speak.”

“My father has to be taken away today,” she said, adding that she wanted him to be charged with abusing his position.

She spoke very quickly and could be difficult for court reporters and dozens of media representatives in court to understand.

She said she wanted to end the guardianship system sooner, but not if she had to go through another “stupid” exam. She said she didn’t want another opportunity for “people to question my intellect a million times over.”

She said basic items like coffee, a driver’s license, and her “hair vitamins” were denied by the power of attorney.

“If that’s not abuse, I don’t know what it is,” Spears said.

She remembered “I thought they wanted to kill me” early in the guardianship system when it was overworked and under constant scrutiny.

Feeling abandoned by her family, she started sobbing when she talked about comforting her with a therapy dog.

James Spears didn’t step down when Rosengart argued, his attorney Vivan Thoreen said in court, adding that he was only in his daughter’s best interests. ..

Torene said Britney Spears has many vague beliefs that “her father is responsible for all the bad things that have happened to her”.

“I don’t know if it’s the wrong information, lack of corrections, or wrong advice,” Thoreen said.

For almost two years, Thoreen stressed that James Spears only had control over his daughter’s money and transferred her power over the life decisions to court-appointed expert Jody Montgomery.

Thoreen argued that a preliminary hearing was needed to investigate Britney Spears’ allegations at the June 23 hearing. This includes taking medication and being forced to use an intrauterine device for birth control.

Thoreen said Britney Spears found it strange to explain such a situation. Pop stars called it “abuse” and approved of Montgomery’s continued role as a director.

Laurian Wright, a Montgomery attorney, responded that Britney Spears’ ultimate need was to get on a witness stand and cross-examine the truth of what she said during her emotional testimony. I did.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that we’re dealing with people with mental illness,” Wright said.

“Her father Spears is strongly advised by her medical team to step out of the guardianship system,” added Wright.

Britney Spears has been under judicial supervision since February 2008. She was in the midst of a public collapse at the time, and her family applied for a power of attorney for her protection.

She had appointed Samuel Ingham III, a lawyer in court, to represent her interests through the trial. He resigned three weeks ago after a dramatic hearing. The pop star told Penny, “I just want to get my life back.”

Fans of the #FreeBritney movement outside the courthouse supported the decision to appoint Rosengart and supported themselves when Rosengart went out.

In court, he asked whether the power of attorney system should be implemented and said he and his company’s legal team were reviewing the details of the agreement.

“That does not work. We know, ”said Rosengart.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared in front of a court in downtown Los Angeles shortly before Spears supporters and once shouted “Free Britney!”

In Washington, DC, a group of Spears supporters demonstrated in the National Mall to support the singer.

The case has been running with little drama for several years, but questions have arisen in recent years about its length and the singer’s feelings about the process. It has resulted in an intense public scrutiny of legal proceedings, mostly in secret, to obtain medical and personal information about the singer and her condition.

In addition, it has focused on a complex network of lawyers and other individuals involved in powers of attorney.

Penny again makes little suggestion of what to do next, plans another hearing in late September, and warring parties find common ground for Britney Spears. Expressed hope on.

“Everyone has to work together,” said the judge. “It’s not about someone else, it’s about them.”

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