Britney Spears tries to testify within the energy of lawyer course of

Britney Spears A little away from talking about her adult guardianship in court … and TMZ is doing live real-time updates as she speaks to the judge.

The singer performed live on Zoom in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom and we expect her to express her problems with her father. Jamie Spears … the one that we know would like to be removed as a restorer. The big question: will she end the 13 year power of attorney?

Sam Asgari in a free Britney t-shirt

If her boyfriend Sam Asgari Tuned-he-is Evidence for his shirt She will ask you to end the guardianship system. He is the only one who is in daily contact with Brit and the “Free Britney” message on his shirt is one of the great clues.

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Britney requested this hearing and, as expected, has gathered a flock of supporters of the #FreeBritney movement outside of the courts to support it.

Jamie resigned as co-guardian of the Britney people back in 2019. Jody Montgomery I am her now Permanent personal guardian -But Brit is told that he would like to take him out as co-custodian of their property … so that he can no longer conduct their business.

Indeed, Brit, she said she Will never be executed As long as Jamie is on the power of attorney, when she recently told fans at IG, she kept saying “I don’t know” if she would ever do it. Re-enter the stage.. Today’s hearing may influence your decision.

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That, of course, is why Britney fans can’t wait to see what she has to say in court.

As we reported, this is just the beginning when Britney tells the judge to end the power of attorney. The question is whether she can safely take care of her.

In search of an answer, the judge turns to doctors, psychiatrists, and others who have studied them for many years. In the past, medical professionals have assessed their condition from our sources. The power of attorney system is now required -And they have been weighed in court for the past 13 years.

If Britney asks for the end of the power of attorney, the judge will definitely be contacted by the doctor. If they feel that she can now safely fend for herself, the judge will / should end the guardianship system. Otherwise, the judge can still make changes to the power of attorney, but she is unlikely to win.

Many believe the #FreeBritney movement sparked their desire to speak for themselves rather than relying on a lawyer. And as you can see from the crowd outside the courtroom, the movement is still going strong.

When you’re done, you can stream the analysis of the hearings live on the website.

Britney Spears tries to testify in the power of attorney process

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