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3:55 p.m. PDT, July 14, 2021

Britney Spears has accused his father of “abusing the power of attorney”.

Britney Spears scored an important victory ahead of her July 14th power of attorney hearing. At the final hearing of the trial, the singer told the court that he wanted to sue his father primarily for “abuse of authority,” but Judge Brenda Penny replaced the appointed Samuel Ingham. I decided to hire my own lawyer. By the court to represent them when a legal agreement was reached in 2008. At a hearing on June 23, the singer alleged in one of several bomb allegations that her former lawyer had not explained much of her rights to her for many years. Samuel then asked the court if he could resign, and he also resigned from the law firm he hired to support the case. According to The New York Times, the judge approved both the resignation and hiring of Britney’s preferred representative, Matthew S. Rosengert. Outlet cited “the person who was briefed on the matter” and Britney’s new attorney stated that Britney had been repeatedly abusive and “was more active in ending the power of attorney.” According to reports, it is likely “target”. She pushed the lawsuit further this week, telling the court, “I want to sue my father today … I want to investigate my father.” Britney had previously told the judge that her guardian was using lithium and contraceptives against her will and on stage let occur.

Read on to find out who is suing Jay-Z for over $ 1 million …

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Katie Holmes presents what appears to be new earrings

Lead an old Dawson’s Creek fan – ex-Joey Potter picks up on classic ’90s trends. Katie Holmes, 42, a new photo from the news agency shows the actress wearing amazing bling on the cartilage of her nose and left ear. It is not known if the earrings are real. The promo shows that he wore a fake nose ring (with a black lace collar, of course) in the 1998 film “Disturbing Behavior”, but Katie was certainly delighted to see the new look. A close-up of the event that took place in New York City on July 14th. She seems to be embracing the fashion of the “Dawson’s Creek” era, but former actress co-star Joshua Jackson recently shared her thoughts on whether the show’s revival would be successful. When asked about the possibility of revisiting Pacey Witter’s character, Joshua, 43, denied the idea. “You don’t have to watch a ‘dark drama’ about Pacey and Joey and their marriage 20 years later,” he joked for a change. “I don’t know that you are serving this old story to talk about us, to get older, to turn gray, to wrinkle and to experience the midlife crisis together.”

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Kanye West and Irina Shayk can say they stopped it already

When Kanye West celebrated her birthday with her long-time friend Irina Shayk in Provence in France at the beginning of June, they confirmed that TMZ was “100% romantic together”, a great couple. It was said that it exuded an atmosphere. Currently, Page Six reports that the couple’s situation is “cooling down,” likely because Irina was knocked out by the review. According to a source, Kanye invited the model to the “Haute Couture Show in Paris”, but she declined. “She likes him as a friend, but she doesn’t want to have a relationship with him,” the insider said. “She doesn’t want the club they’re with, that would have been done in the press if she’d turned up. [in Paris with him].. Regarding the French birthday trip, Page Six’s Snitch says that Irina “went to his birthday party as a friend” with 50 other guests. “She doesn’t want to,” added the insider, “she’s happy to be single.” Irina, who shares her 4-year-old daughter with former Bradley Cooper, starred in Kanye’s “Power” video in 2010. Kanye is still in a divorce from Kim Kardashian West after breaking up in February.

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How Gigi Hadid dealt with jitter before becoming a baby

Like many future mothers, Gigi Hadid sometimes worried about her mother’s potential as she and her partner Zayn Malik waited for their daughter Kai to arrive. An avid journalist before the coronavirus pandemic started, Gigi developed a great system to organize jitter in front of the baby while avoiding the baby’s excitement. “During pregnancy I had a journal that I called my good journal and a journal that I called my bad journal,” she recently told Harper’s Bazaar. “They weren’t so literal, but for Kai they were memories. Maybe one day I’ll give her a bad diary to tell the truth, ”she continued. When asked what she wrote in her “bad diary”, the 26-year-old model said: “Here I wrote about the fears and days I felt,” is it enough to be a mother? ” did. I didn’t mean to feel guilty for feeling it or writing it down. I liked the breakup, ”he added later in the interview. Gigi and Zein, 28, welcomed Kai in September.

Damon Dash is suing Jay-Z for $ 1 million

Just weeks after Jay-Z sued Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash for attempting to sell Jay’s debut album as an NFT, Damon filed a $ 1 million lawsuit against Jay. The rapper has the right to stream the same album to his S. Carter Enterprise LLC. In other words, Damon claims that Jay stole the right to stream his album. Damon, in a new subpoena filed July 13th with the New York Supreme Court, was the unauthorized manipulation of his former business associate through the 1996 album “Reasonable Suspicion” “Unjust Enrichment, Trustee. It is a” breach of duty, addition and conversion. ”The Hollywood Reporter. As THR points out, this move is certainly escalating the NFT battle. The trial is pending, but the judge has already given Jay an edge in the trial by demonstrating Damon’s ability to resolve the issue The album was temporarily blocked from selling his album as NFT. The debut “Reasonable Doubt,” which began Jay’s career, was released on Roc-a-Fella Records in 1996. The following year Jay and Damon formed the label with Kareem Burke. Jay is famous for separating from Damon and Kareem when Def Jam named Jay President and CEO and acquired Roc-A-Fella. Early interviews show that Jay was too at least since then tried to win the master back on his debut album.

Jerry O’Connell replaces Sharon Osbourne on “The Talk”

For the first time in The Talk’s history, the CBS daytime show adds a full-time male presenter. After Cheryl was teased by Sheryl Underwood at the beginning of the show on July 14th, Cheryl stood up with co-hosts Amanda Cruz and Helene Weltaros to welcome Jerry O’Connell as the new member of the team. According to ET, Jerry, who succeeded Sharon Osbourne after the controversial departure, rushed on stage and immediately presented flowers to each of the new co-hosts. Then he spat out how “welcome” everyone had been with him since he first hosted the guest. It sparked a wave of mutual compliments. “You bring such incredible energy into the studio,” said Amanda. “I learn from you every day. You are a great host. I am very happy to have you here. ”After that, Jerry was“ cooperated ”like“ everyone else ”in the world. He said he was excited to share his experiences of things slowly coming back to life with his new colleagues. Carrie Ann Inaba also hoped to return to “The Talk” after her health problems were resolved.

Lea Michele pays tribute to Cory Monteith eight years after his death

Once again, Lea Michele took the time to pay tribute to her late friend and “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith on social media on the eighth anniversary of his death. On July 13, the actress and singer shared a black and white photo of Cory on an Instagram story. Pro E! News and photos reveal the actor stood on stage looking happy to greet the audience in the college letter jacket his character Finn wore on the show. Lee, who had her first child with husband Zandy Reich last year, started working with Corey in 2009. They were together in public for about a year when they were found dead at the age of 31 after a long battle with addiction and an accident overdosing on drugs. .. He went to rehab a few months ago and received a lot of emotional support from Lee. Her compliment comes less than a week after her fellow actress “Glee” remembered Naya Rivera on the first anniversary of her untimely death on July 8, 2020. Naya was 33 years old.

Zsa Zsa Gabor flies to her final resting place with champagne and first class caviar

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Friedrich Prince von Anhard, placed the Hollywood icon in Budapest, Hungary this week and confirmed that her ashes use champagne and caviar to move around like she did. According to Reuters, a small portion of the actress’s ashes remained in Los Angeles, where she built her career by starring in films such as the 1952 Moulin Rouge. The remaining ashes were buried in a “famous cemetery” in their home country when the gypsy band was playing behind a rose display and a photo of the deceased star, according to Reuters. “She was first class, she had her seat, she had a passport, everything was there,” said Frederick of traveling to multiple countries and the ashes that closes COVID-19. “It was her last trip, she always went to first grade, she had her champagne, caviar … and we arrived in Budapest … she wanted that and that was her last will.” Budapest, because her father is buried here too, ”he continued. A 99-year-old film legend and celebrity wanted “a celebration of life, not a funeral,” he said. Zsa Zsa died on December 18, 2016 after several health problems. She was 99 years old.

Britney Spears Gets Attorney-at-Law, Accuses Father Of Abuse Of Power Of Attorney, And More News | and gallery

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