Cameroon: Enterprise regulation – justice, attorneys enhance their experience

This is a seminar in Yaounde that started on May 4, 2021 and ends tomorrow.

Some judicial and legal officers working in the central services of the Ministry of Justice (MINJUTICE) and in various courts in Cameroon are updating their knowledge of the management of files and cases related to commercial law. This will be done as part of a three-day seminar in Yaounde that began on May 4, 2021 and ends tomorrow, May 6, 2021. The opening ceremony of the workshop was chaired on behalf of the Minister of State by Secretary General Helen Galega, Minister of Justice and Guardian of the Seals.

Organized by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the World Bank’s Investment Climate Improvement Program (ICIP) and the OHADA Permanent Secretariat, the objective of the seminar is in line with the government’s priorities in terms of its development policy and contribution to the EU improving the business climate through construction the capacities of the judiciary.

In her opening speech, the Secretary General of MINJUSTICE said the workshop is important to Cameroon as it will help address the problem of the lack of in-depth expertise in trade assessment, which will go a long way in solving the problem of Cameroon Rank in the Doing Business World Ranking Record and thus an improvement in the business climate in Cameroon. “The attendees are judges, and we went to the trouble of selecting those who would work directly on cases related to commercial matters. The seminar is particularly important because Cameroon wants to improve its business record ranking. We got a very low rating are in 167th place in the world rankings of 190 countries, which is not a comfortable position for Cameroon. Therefore, we are organizing this workshop among many reasons to improve the business climate in Cameroon, “she explained.

Magistrate Helen Galega said the seminar will help build magistrates’ capacity to better understand what the issue is about when examining trade matters. One focus, she said, will be on arbitration, which allows commercial matters to be settled outside of courtrooms.

The World Bank and the OHADA Permanent Secretariat are the institutions that have provided funding to assist the Department of Justice in organizing this workshop.

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