Chicago lawyer declares Britney Spears’ energy of lawyer

Her music, movement and fame make Britney Spears one of the greatest stars of her time. But with a debate about her personal life – public breakdown, broken marriage, and mental health – Spears ended up off the big stage in court.

The $ 60 million star entered power of attorney in 2008, waiving many of her adult rights. Now she wants to get it back.

Chicago attorney Paul Franciszkowicz said the power of attorney is just the name used in California, and the title can be used to oversee two aspects of a person’s life: personal life and property.

Spears, a 40-year-old mother of two, has little control over her personal life. She cannot make medical decisions herself, nor can she marry.

From an economic point of view, she is not allowed to open a credit card account or buy a car or a home. Everything has to be cleared up by a guardian.

In 2008, people in pop star life turned to a judge, which worked. People like her father Jamie said Britney could not pursue her life or her musical career.

“Parents have a lot of power,” said Franciszkowicz. “You have everything. You have all rights. What worries most of the people here is that there does not appear to be a mental illness that hinders their ability to make decisions. It is abused by people.

This is why the Free Britney movement was born after fans launched a public campaign.

Spears’ mother recently suggested that her daughter be in a different location than it was 13 years ago.

“Whatever the reason you made guardians, it no longer applies,” said Francisco Vitch. “You always have the opportunity and the right to ask about it.”

Franciszkowicz said it was not an easy task to have legal protection withdrawn all at once. In Illinois it’s called a restoration hearing.

It all comes down to Britney Spears’ mental state.

“There has to be something people don’t know, it has to be their state of mind, because how can it go through so many judges for so long and still be there because there aren’t any,” said Francisco Bitch.

Spears was granted legal counsel in court on Wednesday. The verdict was supported by fans outside the court.

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