Curtis A. Runger, a Three Finest Rated® Enterprise Lawyer in 2021, emphasizes the significance of hiring enterprise legal professionals

There are many things that go into starting a business. Starting a business regardless of its size can be overwhelming. The role of a business attorney is essential in dealing with the legal aspects of a company. If you’re starting a small business, the expertise a business attorney can bring into the legal aspects can help your business in the long run.

We have Curtis A. Runger, an award-winning 2021 Memphis corporate lawyer named ThreeBestRated®, who explains why hiring a corporate lawyer is essential for small businesses.

“For small businesses, it is important to seek legal counsel when starting a business. First and foremost, they need legal counsel to make sure they have selected the best business unit for their company and to make sure they understand how to run a business properly. So many people these days rely on Google and create generated documents from outfits like LegalZoom and Rocket Matter and trust these online resources. You get into trouble later because every company is different and there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Approach to your start-up. “, Explains Curt Runger.

Involving a corporate attorney in the process of incorporating a company from the start will ensure that all required documentation is properly prepared, submitted and executed. Curt Runger says: “In addition, an excellent corporate lawyer who looks after his clients provides a framework for documenting important decisions in your company in order to avoid future situations in which: (1) Companies could submit to the individual Liability and (2) potential disputes between partners may arise. “

A business lawyer can save the small business from much of the chaos that can arise with contracts, agreements, and potential legal issues.

About Curtis A. Runger – Douglass & Runger attorneys

Curt Runger’s fascinating story of becoming a corporate lawyer began in his childhood. Inspired by his grandfather, who was a lawyer, Curt always wanted to pursue the law and help individuals and companies navigate the legal process and solve their problems. He says, “I have a background in international business and a love for business and the American Dream in general. I always wanted to apply my knowledge of the business world to my legal practice, so I went to law school to become a lawyer. “Curtis has been a lawyer in Tennessee since 2003.

Curtis Runger founded Douglass & Runger Attorneys at Law in 2010. The law firm consists of 6 incredible attorneys who primarily deal with business law matters, family law, and estate and estate planning. Curt’s passion for his work is paramount. He says, “I love being a lawyer and the best part of my job is working with the clients we represent on a daily basis and getting to know them, their families and their drives. I also love teaching and mentoring our lawyers and watching their professional growth and development. We have such a great team in our company that it really is a blessing to be able to come to work every day. “

As one of the most successful lawyers of his time, Curtis has multiple achievements and accolades for his name. When asked about the best success of his career, Curtis humbly says, “It’s hard to pinpoint a ‘best success’ and I always believe the best is yet to come.”

When Curtis won the prestigious ThreeBestRated® Award, he said, “It is a great honor to be listed on ThreeBestRated as the top business attorney in Memphis. It’s always nice to have the respect of your colleagues in the legal community and clients. I think it is also a testament to my wonderful co-workers and co-workers. “

Curtis and his legal team have represented hundreds of clients in setting up their business and drafted various commercial agreements for them. They handle everything from buying and selling franchise businesses like Papa Johns and Subways to multi-million dollar commercial refrigeration companies and medical clinics. Curtis defines his proudest moments as watching his younger employees go out and get fantastic results for their clients and win tough cases in court.

The lawyers at Douglass & Runger, under the guidance of Curtis A. Runder, are consistently successful and strive to serve their clients more efficiently. To contact us, visit –

About ThreeBestRated

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