Diamond Resorts’ fraudulent enterprise lawsuit in opposition to legislation agency Newton Group & DC Capital continues

LAS VEGAS, 17th December 2020 / PRNewswire / – Diamond Resorts®, a global leader in hospitality, vacation ownership, and entertainment, announces that it has filed a lawsuit against Newton Group and DC Capital Law Firm, LLP of alleged fraud, conspiracy to fraud, and illicit interference in Regarding Former Diamond Members, Paul & Diane Reeve. A Supreme Court Justice in the District of Columbia ruled that Diamond duly made all of its claims against the Defendants and “provided sufficient evidence to ultimately support the determination of willful, malicious and / or grossly fraudulent conduct by DC Capital” to support Diamond’s punitive damages claim.

As part of his complaint, Diamond outlined the Reeves’ sworn allegations that the Newton Group deceived them into paying $ 6,000 upfront fees for a supposedly “safe and legal” exit process backed by a “money back guarantee”. The Newton Group then “hired” the law firm DC Capital, LLP, and both companies directed the Reeves to stop communicating with Diamond and stop paying their timeshare financial obligations. This advice led the couple unwittingly – and against their will – to breach their contract with Diamond. In fact, neither Newton nor DC Capital had a “safe” or “legal” exit process and their money-back guarantee was hollow as they refused to refund the Reeves’ money even though they did not provide any services to them.

In his order submitted on 9th of December, Judge Robert R. Rigsby said, “The Reeves did not choose to default on their contract with Diamond and not only have followed legal advice. Rather, DC Capital has taken significant steps to hide the default from the Reeves, and only by redirecting everyone Messages from the Reeves. ” DC Capital is preventing Reeves from fulfilling their contractual obligations. “Indeed, the plaintiffs claim that”[t]In order to preserve this deception, the defendants stood between Diamond and the Reeves and instructed the Reeves not to contact Diamond in order to prevent the Reeves from discovering the truth. ”

Diamond’s complaint alleges that “the lack of communication between the Reeves and Diamond was essential to the defendants’ system as it prevented the Reeves from discovering the defendant’s misrepresentations”. The complaint also alleges that DC Capital advanced the conspiracy through obfuscation[ing] the true nature of the exit they “got” for the Reeves “by failing to tell the Reeves that the” exit “was merely a foreclosure of their timeshare interest”.

“Thousands of other timeshare owners have fallen victim to fraudulent companies,” he said Mike Flaskey, CEO of Diamond Resorts. “We will continue to do everything in our power to protect our members from the fraudulent practices of unscrupulous companies.”

After the Reeves told Diamond Resorts how they were deceived, Diamond was able to work with the Reeves to rid them of the credit report and detrimental tax problems caused by DC Capital and the Newton Group. Unfortunately the Reeves are still out $ 6,000 Paid to the Newton Group because, despite written requests for the return of the money and the “100% money-back guarantee” announced by the Newton Group, no refund was made.

Diamond Resorts remains committed to protecting its members from so-called timeshare exit companies that not only hurt vacationers, but often break the law. In addition to this case, Diamond Resorts has launched more than a dozen lawsuits across the country against numerous companies marketing themselves as third-party exit companies. Diamond has received more than 10 permanent orders.

While the vast majority of members enjoy their vacation ownership, Diamond Resorts also understands that circumstances can change and offers options for members who want to safely change or leave their vacation ownership behind. Visit to learn more about red flags and to report possible third-party fraudulent exit activity.

About Diamond Resorts
Diamond Resorts® offers destinations, events, and experiences that members can use to get into the habit of breaking up from the routine. From memorable getaways to exclusive series of concerts, to VIP receptions and dinners, members turn to Diamond to recharge, reconnect, and remind one another of what’s important. Our focus on quality resorts, customer service and flexibility means members can return to a popular resort, book a cruise to explore new countries, or attend a one-off event with the same level of confidence and anticipation. With access to a world of entertainment and activities, a Diamond membership ensures that people always look forward to the vacation.

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