Enterprise Law Southwest emphasizes the significance of paperwork for important infrastructures for important corporations


New Mexico has issued the “stay at home” order for all New Mexicans in order to “smooth out” the coronavirus curve within the state. The order states that unless your business is “material”, residents of the state must work from home or close their businesses until the order is no longer in effect. We spoke to Don Kochersberger from Business Law Southwest over Skype about why it is so important for important employees to have documents on essential infrastructure with them at all times.

Many business owners feel that they are providing “essential” services, but are concerned that law enforcement may not be easy to convince.

Entrepreneurs in this situation are looking for a way to get advice on whether they are really “okay”. They also want to be able to provide law enforcement agencies with evidence of their intent to comply with instructions. This is why important infrastructure documents are so important. These documents show that business owners can operate within the confines of applicable law and, at the urging of law enforcement agencies, can produce a letter of opinion that may eliminate, or at least serve as a defense, a criminal proceeding they may be in violation of “residence” violation at Home Order ”.

If you want to learn more about whether your business is “essential” in today’s COVID-19 environment, Business Law Southwest has a section that delves into what you need to know.

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