Explainer: The Britney Spears case highlights a fancy energy of lawyer

File Photo: Singer Britney Spears poses backstage at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Style Icon Awards in Los Angeles, CA on August 16, 2015. Reuters / Danny Moroshok

June 22, 2021

(Reuters) – Pop star Britney Spears has been under a court-appointed guardian or guardian since 2008. On Wednesday, she will be giving a face-to-face speech to a judge in Los Angeles who deals with her guardian.

The mechanism of the adult guardianship system in California is as follows.

What is the proxy system?

A court-approved arrangement whereby a person or organization is selected to protect and control an individual’s personal care and / or finances that the judge finds outside of their company’s control.

Under what circumstances is there a judicially recognized guardianship system?

When someone needs to help meet their daily needs, they manage their finances or spend a lot of money on strangers. Many are elderly, developmentally disabled, or people with temporary or permanent mental or physical disabilities. Details on the parents’ personal health were not made public. The investigators appointed by the court are obliged to make personal visits every two years and to submit a status report on the guardianship system.

What are the parents’ duties?

Parents can be relatives, friends, or professionals. Duties include determining the parents’ place of residence, health care, housekeeping, transportation, financial management, tax and bill payments, investments, asset protection, court accounting for the financial administration, and status court. Conservative. Changes require judicial approval.

Who is the Guardian in the Britney Spears Case?

The singer’s father, Jamie, is co-guardian with care manager Jody Montgomery on their personal affairs. Jamie Spears is also a financial guardian for the financial firm Bessemer Trust. Spears has an attorney for her. In 2020, Spears began an attempt to fire Jamie Spears as personal guardian.

How much freedom do people have under CONSERVATORS HP?

The limits are set by the court on a case-by-case basis. Since 2008, Spears has given multiple concerts, participated in multiple tours, recorded multiple albums, shopped, posted frequently to Instagram accounts, made friends, received allowances, and took vacations. I took.

How can I terminate the power of attorney?

A guardian, relative or friend can ask the judge at any time to dissolve the power of attorney. Investigators commissioned to the court will evaluate the case and hear it from all sides. The guardian has to prove that he can handle his personal and financial problems. The decision is made by the judge. Spears does not make such a request. The court can remove parents who are unable to perform their duties and appoint new parents.

Why is the Britney Spears case getting so much attention?

It is uncommon for a well-known person the age of Spears to have had such an arrangement for 13 years. Details of her mental health problems were not disclosed. The fan-based #FreeBritney movement that began in 2019 believes Spears is being held against their will and sends a mysterious message through Instagram posts. The 2021 television documentary “Flaming Britney Spears” drew widespread attention to the incident.

What do you think Britney Spears will say on Wednesday?

Neither Spears nor the lawyer mention what the singer wants to talk about in this case. She is not expected to come straight to a Los Angeles court, but is expected to speak through audio and / or video links. When she last spoke to the judge in May 2019, the hearing was not public and her testimony was sealed.

(Report by Jill Serjeant, edited by Grant McCool)

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