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ISLAMABAD: In order to stop middlemen, the Housing Authority for Employees of the Federal Government (FGEHA) has decided not to allow authorized agents for land acquisition for the development of sectors G-12 and F-12.

The FGEHA is a sub-organization of the Ministry of Housing and Building, which last year received the approval of the Federal Cabinet for the development of both sectors.

A few months ago the FGEHA announced the allocation of land for the sectors mentioned and decided that the agency would pay 7.2 million rupees for a canal of land.

However, a large number of middlemen became active and began buying land from locals at nominal interest on the basis of powers of attorney in order to receive financial compensation from the FGEHA instead of locals.

Says original owners should get the maximum benefit from land allocation

Federal Minister of Housing and Work Tariq Bashir Cheema said during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Housing and Work of the National Assembly, which met here on Monday, that the FGEHA has decided not to maintain any proxy so that the original owners can get the maximum benefit from the land awards.

The committee, led by its chairman Mohammad Najeeb Haroon, was told that the FGEHA advises against using powers of attorney as middlemen have bought land from locals at throwaway prices.

He added that a brother of Naib Tehsildar Zakir Hussain had also bought land from the FGEHA on the basis of 20 lawyers; When the matter became known to the ministry, the Naib Tehsildar was removed from office.

Some committee members said it will be difficult for the FGEHA to stop locals from selling their land as it is their right to sell their property on the basis of a lawyer.

The minister said the FGEHA would only consider cases where those given land would accompany lawyers.

The committee decided that the committee would support this action if said action is taken to discourage lawyers in order to ensure transparency and that in case of a problem the other party will have a legal forum to challenge the said decision.

It is important to point out here that the two sectors were the sectors of the CDA, but the Citizens Authority, despite the decades, has not been able to develop them.

The CDA had announced the award of land for the mentioned sectors in 1985, but the owners were not happy with the price and many of them did not accept it. As a result, the CDA was unable to release the sectors from the locals to develop them.

Last year, however, the Federal Cabinet allowed the FGEHA, at the request of the Housing Ministry, to acquire and develop land in both sectors.

The FGEHA announced a relatively good price of 7.2 million rupees for the purchase of canal land.

Like the CDA, the FGEHA is a fully-fledged authority that is also responsible for developing sectors. Sectors G-13 and G-14 have already been developed by the FGEHA and it is also working on the development of Sectors F-14 and F-15.

Posted in Dawn, July 6, 2021

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