Four Ideas for Selecting an Assisted Dwelling Facility – New York Property Planning Lawyer Weblog – Mar 5, 2021

Assisted living facilities offer older people a stepping stone between independent living and more intensive care in nursing homes. Elderly people can get assistance with things like cooking, cleaning and hygiene in assisted living facilities while maintaining their personal independence.

However, deciding whether your loved one would benefit from an assisted living facility is a complex process. As a result, this article lists just a few of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether to move your loved one to an assisted living facility.

# 1 – size

The greatest care should be taken in analyzing the size of the assisted living facility. The size can affect the type of services the assisted living facility provides. While larger facilities often offer more activities, smaller assisted living facilities may not come with all of the services a person could want.

While larger facilities are likely to offer more specialized services, as well as services targeting specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease, smaller facilities are likely to have fewer of these uniquely tailored offerings.

However, larger assisted living facilities are more likely to have staffing problems. It is important to choose an establishment with a comfortable staff-to-residents ratio. If this ratio includes too many residents and too few staff, there will likely not be enough workers to adequately provide for your loved ones.

# 2 – location

Location is a critical issue for assisted living facilities. It can be important to place a loved one in an assisted living facility that is close to the family. The location you choose can also affect which state or local laws the facility must follow.

On a smaller level, it is also important that an assisted living facility is properly set up for a loved one. The layout of a facility should adequately meet the resident’s needs, including the layout of the floor plan, access to a bathroom, and the ease a loved one has in accessing emergency medical equipment.

# 3 – cost

Cost can play a critical role in influencing the assisted living facility chosen by an individual. While people continue Medicaid Individuals with access to personal savings and other funds are likely to have more options to choose from. In addition, different assisted living facilities treat payments differently. Some facilities have upfront costs while others charge monthly rent.

# 4 – employees

Assisted living facility staff should be both tech-savvy, compassionate and provide the highest level of care. It is also important to ensure that staff are properly accredited. A person may also decide that employees in one institution have a more compatible personality and feel than in another institution.

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