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According to the Law on Tax Cuts and Jobscan send an individual up to $ 11,580,000 without paying estate or gift taxes. However, that amount will diminish in late 2026 and go back to $ 5,000,000. However, many people are concerned that this amount will be reduced by then due to the change in political administration.

Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts are irrevocable trusts that a donor spouse established during their lifetime for the benefit of the other spouse. While the donor’s spouse gives up ownership of the assets, the beneficiary’s spouse will continue to have access to assets that have been placed in the trust. If you are interested in creating a lifelong spouse access relationship, there are several aspects to consider. This article describes just a few of these benefits.

# 1 – asset protection

Assets donated by a spouse to the trust cannot be obtained by the spouse’s creditors. Assuming that an independent trustee, in his sole discretion, runs the trust, the trust’s assets are also protected from most of the beneficiaries’ creditors. According to the Uniform law on fraudulent transfersAssets can be obtained by a creditor of the donor’s spouse if the donor knows, or should have known, the creditor’s claim and only needs to transfer the assets to avoid paying the obligee.

# 2 – Generation Skipping Taxes

Lifelong access trust can be created for spouses to hold assets for future beneficiaries, and a generation tax exemption can be skipped for the final transfer. Therefore, spouses looking to transfer assets to a surviving spouse and then to children, as well as future generations, should consider whether the tax advantages of these trusts are worthwhile.

# 3 – Gift and Estate Taxes

Assets held in a spouse trust are protected from future estate and gift taxes. In addition, assets transferred to the trust retain the transfer basis of the donor’s spouse and are not subject to any institution upon the death of a spouse of the donor. The spouse creating the trust can replace property of equal value, which allows one spouse to exchange cash for other assets.

# 4 – Divorce can affect the role of these trusts

Only people with the strongest marriage should consider using lifelong spouse access trusts. This is because if a couple later divorces, the spouse who set up the trust loses indirect access to the trust. As a result, couples should enter into the creation of these trusts with an understanding that divorce can make matters much more difficult.

Speak to a knowledgeable estate planning attorney

Lifelong access trusts for spouses, but for the right couple, these estate planning tools can prove extremely beneficial. If you or a loved one needs the assistance of an experienced accident attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us Law firm Ettinger. During a free case assessment, we can discuss your available options for achieving your goals.

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