“Frivolous Litigation”: Vadodara Court docket expenses Rs 1 lakh bail candidates in land disputes

A court of appeal in Vadodara has charged an applicant seeking early bail in a case related to a dispute over a will over Rs 1 lakh in charges for increasing the court’s “frivolous litigation” burden.

In a decision of August 5, the judge of the additional sessions, Girishkumar Paasi, rejected the plea, stating that on the one hand, “due to the burden of numerous cases pending in the courts, the injured parties are not being given justice in time”. On the other hand, false and frivolous legal disputes in court are increasing from day to day, which means that victims who are genuinely injured have difficulties to find justice in time, despite high expenses ”.

The court held that it is the order of the day to warn lawyers who are keen on lawsuits because the litigant has filed nine civil suits, two probate and three tax proceedings for the assets in dispute in the case. The court also found that the litigant had submitted falsified and false affidavits that “a handsome sum should be ordered” to teach the accused litigant “a lesson”.

The applicant, Kalpesh Solanki, was charged with criminal breach of trust, fraud, forgery, fraudulent use of documents and criminal conspiracy. Solanki had previously reportedly filed a bail demand with a false affidavit, the court said.

The court ordered that the cost be Rs 1 lakh and that it be submitted to the Vadodara District Legal Authority within 15 days from the date of the order.

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