Greatest Property Planning Lawyer, Greatest Enterprise Lawyer, Greatest Ladies-Owned Firm: Kliem & Associates | Better of the most effective

For Diane Kliem and her team at Kliem & Associates, every consultation and mediation can be an instructive moment.

Since opening in 2011, her law firm has been a single point of contact every year for anyone planning an estate, family affairs or general commercial law issues. She attributes her success to her dedication to customer service.

“Customers want to go to a place they know they will be looked after. It’s part of our customer service philosophy,” she said. “We deal with some sensitive issues like divorce and family problems. So it says a lot that our customers trust us.”

She and her lawyers also owe their success to an educational approach that they always follow.

“Legal matters can be complicated and confusing, and there is a lot of misunderstanding about the law,” she said. “We try to explain in simple language how everything works when we can, either while we are with the customer or on our Facebook page.”

Kliem and Associates won Best of the Best for Best Estate Planning Lawyer, Best Business Law Lawyer, and Second Place in Women’s Industry, which they believe is a great honor.

“I am very honored and humbled,” she said. “We are very grateful to our customers and this community.”

Kliem has been voted the best lawyer in the region several times over the past few years, and her law firm was voted best place to work in 2017. She was also recognized as the 2020 American Business Woman by the American Business Women’s Association.

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