HC rejects motion for motion in opposition to retention of title by energy of lawyer

New Delhi:

Lawyer Manohar Lal Sharma, who filed the petition, requested that the Delhi Police take action if they receive a complaint that a person is in possession of a property by power of attorney.

He argued that the power of attorney was an illegal document, not a deed of title, and anyone who relied on it to own property should be held liable for actions under India’s Criminal Code and Illicit Money Act.

The court ordered Sharma to withdraw the petition or else costs would be imposed on him.

“We are not inclined to give notice. We don’t want to impose any costs on a lawyer, ”said the court.

The lawyer then withdrew the application.

The petition alleged that power of attorney sales transactions were used to cover up black money and tax evasion, which is a serious criminal offense.

The petitioner alleged that when he inquired about it, he found that there were several Benami properties that had been bought by the realtors by proxy and that these were being used for rental transactions.

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