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The constitution requires a criminal defense attorney to zealously represent a person charged with a crime. You must do what is necessary to defend the rights of the accused. A judicial priority defense attorney will consider all available legal options when vigorously defending a client.

Tom Petersen and his legal team Petersen criminal law Offer free advice to anyone prosecuted in Omaha. Speak to Tom as soon as possible for the best advice possible about your Nebraska criminal complaints.

What affects the cost?

Many factors determine how much criminal defense lawyers cost. The complexity of a case, the severity of the charge, and the likelihood of litigation are some of the factors that determine criminal defense fees.

How much defense lawyers cost depends on how many court appearances the case requires. Litigation over requests for dismissal and repression also affects how much a criminal defense attorney costs. The trial also has an impact on costs.

How much does a criminal defense attorney cost for a misdemeanor or a criminal offense?

Average criminal lawyer fees for a misdemeanor or criminal offense are difficult to determine without understanding the case. Although misdemeanors are less serious and carry a maximum one year sentence, a misdemeanor conviction has a lasting impact on your life.

DUI, for example, is an offense that can lead to a possible 60-day jail sentence. However, the consequences of a DUI conviction are far-reaching and potentially devastating, although the maximum prison term is two months.

Crimes in Nebraska are more serious. Crimes have high stakes for the accused. A person convicted of a crime in Nebraska faces incarceration in a state prison and an ongoing criminal offense. Other consequences of being convicted of a crime have side effects such as loss of gun rights, voting rights, and the ability to hold certain offices.

A seasoned Nebraska criminal lawyer like Tom Petersen will weigh the type of charge and more in determining how much a criminal lawyer will cost.

How can a criminal defense attorney help me?

In theory, any lawyer licensed in Nebraska could represent you. A Nebraska criminal defense lawyer with a long history of successful representation in difficult cases may be the best choice for you. A criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in difficult cases can help you understand your rights and discuss your options.

Is it worth hiring a criminal defense attorney?

An experienced and successful criminal defense attorney who understands how the Nebraska criminal justice system works can protect your interests and rights. Your defense attorney is the only person on your side in a courtroom. Despite the presumption of innocence, the path to a favorable outcome is never easy. The decisions you make along the way play a huge role in the end of this road.

Occasionally people choose to represent themselves in criminal matters. Everyone has the right to self-expression. Self-expression is incredibly difficult. The court expects you to know all the facts of your case, as well as the applicable laws and procedures. A judge will not help you if you trip or give you legal advice. The public prosecutor cannot give you legal advice either.

Representation by the public defender’s offices is an option available to a limited number of people. The public defender will only represent you if you are financially qualified. Even if you qualify for public defense, your case will be one of many handled by their office. Budget issues, time constraints, and conflict rules can all mean you cannot get the best legal advice for your case.

Before trying to represent yourself, speak to a Nebraska criminal defense attorney Tom Petersen or ask for a public defense attorney. Talking to Tom could mean the biggest difference to you in the long run.

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