Jamie Lynn Spears: After discussing the facility of legal professional, I am very happy with Britney Spears. Leisure Information

Jamie Lynn Spears is “very proud” that her sister Britney Spears is talking about her protection.

A “poisonous” hitmaker recently appeared in court to accuse the judge of her “traumatic” guardian pulling her out of her situation.

And following her comment, her sister Jamie Lynn said she always supported her brother behind the scenes.

In a long video message posted on her Instagram story, the “Zoey 101” star said: I could talk about myself and say what I thought I had to say publicly. It wasn’t my place and it wasn’t right. But now she’s being spoken very clearly and saying what she has to say, that’s how I feel. I have to say it so I can follow their example and say what I’m paying for.

“I have only loved and supported my sister since I was born. I mean, this is my funny sister in front of that cop ***. She fled to the rainforest and I don’t care if I want to give birth to countless babies in empty space or if I want to go back and rule the world like she has often done because I have nothing to do with get or lose either way. This situation doesn’t affect me either, as I’m just her sister who only cares about her happiness. “

Jamie Lynn, 30, said she was “proud” of her sister by “seeking new advice” from her reserve and “praying” that Britney had found happiness. Specified.

She added, “Maybe we didn’t support the way the public wants to use hashtags on public platforms, but there is no doubt that we support our sister long before hashtags came out.

“I am very proud to use your voice. I am very proud to have hired a new lawyer, as I told her many years ago – oh the public. Not in the field, but in a personal conversation between the two sisters.

“I support my sister 100% because I support her whatever Mars or whatever she wants to be happy after her adult guardianship. I love my sister. I always have it. I always do. As long as she is happy. Let’s keep praying. That’s it. “

Meanwhile, 39-year-old Britney said in court that her power of attorney “depressed” her.

She said. “I am not happy, I cannot sleep. I’m so mad it’s crazy And I am depressed. I am traumatized. I am getting my life back. I just want to.

“I would like to end this power of attorney without evaluation. This power of attorney is far more harmful than good for me. I deserve to live my life. , I’ve worked all my life. It’s worth taking a couple of years off. “

Jamie Lynn Spears: After discussing the power of attorney, I’m very proud of Britney Spears. Entertainment News

Source Link Jamie Lynn Spears: After discussing the Power of Attorney, I’m very proud of Britney Spears. Entertainment News

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