Jumia Applied sciences: Power of Attorney and Directions to Firm Licensed Consultant (Shareholders)


for the Extraordinary General Meeting of Jumia Technologies AG on March 11, 2021

We ask you to fill out this form and, together with your proxy, send it directly to one of the following addresses by Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 12:00 p.m. CET (time of receipt):

Jumia Technologies AG c / o Landshuter Allee 10 of Link Market Services GmbH

80637 Munich Germany

E-mail:[email protected]

Please complete:

principalFirst and Last Name

Proxy No.

Number of sharesI / we authorize the proxy appointed by Jumia Technologies AGMr. Jörg Engmann and Ms. Katrin Bahlo with their business address at Link Market Services GmbH, Munich, who are bound by instructions, each of which has the right to grant replacement powers of attorney, me / us at the aforementioned general meeting, stating my name in the list of participants and to exercise my voting right or exercise this voting right with the following instructions:

Instructions to Company Proxies

These instructions relate to the proposals published in the Federal Gazette by the management board and the supervisory board of Jumia Technologies AG (Federal Gazette) on February 16, 2021.

Agenda item




1. Resolution on the cancellation of the existing Authorized Capital 2020 / I and the creation of Authorized Capital 2021 / I with the possibility of excluding subscription rights, as well as the associated amendment to the Articles of Association

2. Resolution on the cancellation of the existing approval and the granting of a new approval for the issue of convertible bonds, options, profit rights and / or profit bonds (or combinations of these instruments) with the possibility of excluding subscription rights on the cancellation of the existing conditional capital 2020 / II and creation of new conditional capital 2021 / I as well as the corresponding changes to the articles of association

Should the company receive requests from shareholders to do so within the statutory period are made available, they will be made available on the company’s website at (Menu item “Annual Conference”> “Extraordinary General meeting March 2021 / Extraordinary General Meeting March 2021 “)

You can also give voting instructions for such motions. To do this, please enter the name of the shareholder and, if applicable, the request in the table below. Don’t forget to give your instructions by ticking the appropriate box.

Shareholder motions




_________________________ Place and date

______________________________________ Signature (s) or other completion of the declaration in accordance with § 126b BGB


Information on authorizing and instructing the company’s proxies

Shareholders can individually authorize the proxies named by Jumia Technologies AG, Mr. Jörg Engmann and Ms. Katrin Bahlo, each with their business address at Link Market Services GmbH, Munich, who are bound by instructions. Company proxies are only authorized to vote on your behalf if you have given them specific instructions on specific motions that management has proposed for items on the agenda. Company proxies must follow your instructions in voting on management proposed motions that have been announced on the agenda.

Use the following options to authorize corporate proxies using the Proxy and Instructions to Corporate Proxies form.

Transmission of powers of attorney and instructions to the proxies of Jumia Technologies AG by post or email

Please use the “Proxy and instructions to the company’s proxies” form. With this form you authorize the aforementioned proxy representatives of Jumia Technologies AG and instruct them on how to exercise your voting rights on the proposals proposed by management.

Then send (by post or e-mail) your completed form “Proxy and instructions to company proxies”, together with the voting card directly to one of the following addresses:

By mail to:

Jumia Technologies AG

c / o Link Market Services GmbH Landshuter Allee 10

80637 Munich


Or by email to:

[email protected]


Important information

Please note that only shareholders who have registered in good time and who are entitled to vote are entitled to authorize and appoint the voting representatives of Jumia Technologies AG. Please send the completed form together with your power of attorney card by Wednesday, March 10, 2021, midnight CET (time of receipt).

If the company receives authorizations and instructions for company representatives through various means of transmission (post or e-mail), the last formally valid representative of the company representatives with the corresponding instructions received shall be considered binding regardless of the means of transmission.

If the instructions are not properly completed or not clearly given, the Company’s proxies will either abstain or not take part in the vote for the respective agenda item, depending on the voting procedure.

The company’s proxies are bound by instructions and may not exercise voting rights on motions and proposals that have not been announced before the extraordinary general meeting (e.g.Procedural motions). Depending on the voting procedure, the company’s voting representatives either abstain or do not take part in the vote. Company proxies cannot be instructed to raise objections, make motions, or ask questions.

If you have any questions about the proxies, please give us a call

Extraordinary General Meeting hotline

+49 (0) 89 210 27 222 Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CET (excluding public holidays).


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