Limiting the variety of authorized cures to 1 could finish the litigation early: Santosh Hegde

We should start a dialogue on how to find a speedy justice system for real litigants by advising against “speculative litigation” that weighs on the system, said N. Santosh Hegde, the former Supreme Court Justice, here on Saturday.

Filing a single appeal against the orders issued by the courts would be a solution to ensure a speedy end to the litigation, he said at the inauguration of a Mega Lok Adalat organized by the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority (KSLSA).

“Let’s think that the litigation could end quickly. Those entering the justice system must also have a quick exit. Let’s find an exit that’s just as important as access to justice, ”he said.

“… a lot of speculative legal disputes enter the system … There will be injunctions in various courts up to the Supreme Court on such legal disputes … And these speculative litigation puts a strain on the judicial system, ”he said.

He added that the current judicial system has provided a route for “speculative litigation” in the form of multiple complaints and forums to revise the orders issued by the courts.

“One roll call is enough. Supreme courts like the Supreme Court and the Supreme Courts should have a set role, and they cannot be made node appeals courts for every case … we need an appeal to re-investigate the case because after all, it is the people who do it’s decisions on the cases, ”said Hegde, referring to the only appeal system that exists in some developed countries. He believed that people would get used to such a system of appeal as in the current system as they have accepted the Apex Court as a last chance for an appeal.

“I thought about a fast judicial system for a long time. This is the only way out that has crossed my mind, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of the Karnataka Supreme Court Abhay Shreeniwas Oka said that cases related to seniors are moving forward for amicable settlement in the Lok Adalats under the provisions of the Parental and Elderly Welfare and Domestic Violence Act could be included.

Supreme Court Justice and KSLSA Executive Chairman Aravind Kumar said that around 92 lakh cases have been amicably settled by various Lok Adalats run by the KSLSA since 2014.

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