Main Law Agency for the Hashish Business Declares the Appointment of a New Paralegal and Workplace Supervisor

Bianchi & Brandt, a full-service and litigation firm focusing on the cannabis and hemp industry, recently added two new members to its team.

Chelsea Arancio, Legal Assistant, and Paula Bianchi, Office Manager, joined Bianchi & Brandt at a time of rapid growth.

“We are very excited to bring the dynamic background and experience of Chelsea and Paula to our practice,” said Justin Brandt, Partner at Bianchi & Brandt, in the press release.

He said the new hires were due to the practice’s rapid expansion and that the practice will continue to build an “elite team” to provide great service to customers.

Ms. Arancio holds a degree in communications with an emphasis on effective oral, written, and relational communication from Northern Arizona University.

“The opportunity to expand my legal practice with a law firm like Bianchi & Brandt appeals to me very much,” Ms. Arancio said in the press release.

Ms. Arancio has 16 years of collective experience working with boutique practices for leading corporate law firms in the Phoenix area that enable her to provide world-class legal support at Bianchi & Brandt.

“I’ve spent my legal career in corporate law, so I look forward to delving into cannabis law,” she said.

A major career highlight and moment for Ms. Arancio was joining a trial team in two federal court cases, one of which was a Supreme Court case.

Ms. Bianchi comes to the office with 30 years of experience as a speech therapist in the public school system, who mainly works with students with special educational needs.

“Finding a second career in cannabis law was not what I had in mind, but I am very excited to take on this new challenge,” said Ms. Bianchi in the press release.

She recently got certification from the Society for human resource management and will be a valuable asset to the company for keeping the office tidy and ensuring customers get immediate attention.

“My experience and my previous career before my retirement was in speech and language pathology,” said Ms. Bianchi. “It quickly became clear to me that retirement was not for me, so I’m looking forward to bringing my unique skills to my role as Office Management and Human Resources.”

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