Meghan McCain lit the facility of lawyer for the Britney Spears household.

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Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, set Britney Spears’ family on fire Thursday and told them about the treatment pop stars allegedly received from their father, Jamie Lynn Spears during a 13-year term of protection. Accuse.

McCain called Spears’ family a “monster” while discussing the power of attorney with his co-sponsor, accusing him of not doing enough to stop the “abuse” they witnessed and Spears “never”. I won’t speak to any of them. ” once again. “

What to Expect from the future Britney Spears Adult Guardianship trial?

“I want her to live for the last 13 years and be in control of her money, her body and her life.” McCain explained together. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked what he wanted out of the legal situation.

“I think your family is a monster. All. I don’t care what her sister and mother say, ”McCain added, referring to Spears sister Jamie Lynn Spears and all conservation efforts. He also denied his role. And her mother, Lynn Spears, expressed concern about it.

“If that had happened to my family, I would have knocked on the door and done anything to get them out of the situation. None of them was enough. It was never theirs. I hope I don’t even talk to you, ”McCain said. .. “I hope she can find peace and I hope she can live the life she has – she should have done it.”

Britney Spears plans to charge her father with “abuse of authority” and the judge allows her to hire a private attorney.

McCain was also able to “clean up her ass,” pay the family’s legal expenses, but couldn’t make the decision on his own as the situation “I explained” to “the gist”.

“”[She] “It seems we don’t have enough emotional capacities to decide whether to insert an intrauterine device into the body and allow childbirth or marriage,” said McCain.

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“I’m a huge Britney fan, as are all of us,” she added. “If she doesn’t want to play after that, give her the grace not to play. She has seen what appears to be legalized slavery for the past 13 years. God knows how it affects that level. Abuse. Give her what she wants. I hope God will do this for you soon. . “

Meghan McCain lit the power of attorney for the Britney Spears family.

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