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Commercial and corporate law
Experienced corporate lawyers in Miami serving Broward, Fort Lauderdale & WPB with decades of experience. For over 25 years Oppenheim Law has been helping companies of various sizes navigate the murky waters of commercial and corporate law. From advising start-ups on the optimal corporate structure for their business model to providing general advice to industry leaders, our company’s experience and performance in representing companies and entrepreneurs is unmatched.
Miami Business Attorneys Handle:

• Company formation and agreements
• Business contracts
• Representing buyers and sellers in the sale of companies
• General Counsel for companies

Company formation and agreements
Our company formations and contract lawyers advise clients at every step of the company formation process. Our lawyers will ensure that all legal bases for company formation and agreements are covered. Choosing the right corporate structure is a critical variable that carries significant weight throughout the life of your business. The corporate structure you choose will affect tax dynamics at the local, state, and state levels, and will also determine the level of legal liability you personally face. If you structure your business without understanding the legal implications of each option, you can step behind the scenes before your shingles even go off. As soon as we support you in choosing a suitable corporate structure – whether it is a limited liability company or an S-company – our lawyers can advise and explain how company agreements, statutes, statutes and partnership agreements protect you from financial liabilities in the company protect in the event that disputes arise between shareholders or, in extreme cases, your company becomes insolvent.

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Oppenheim Law represents and advises clients on all aspects of company formation, including:
• C companies
• S companies
• Limited Liability Companies
• Partnerships
• One-man business
• Customer-specific preparation of important company-related documents such as:
o Articles of Association (corporations) or Articles of Association (LLCs)
o Statutes
o Shareholder agreements
o Company agreements
o Company resolutions
o employment contracts
o Nondisclosure agreements
• Fiduciary responsibility

Business contracts
Our company has extensive experience in drafting, enforcing and litigating business agreements and contracts. For many companies and industries, the ability to negotiate and draft airtight contracts is a key asset. Having an experienced litigation team by your side to help enforce contracts or defend contractual claims is a priority. Whether you’re trying to reach an agreement, renegotiate a contract, or end a relationship, our Oppenheim Law legal team will provide sound business judgment and experience and will advise you effectively. We treat contractual problems that arise in your company strategically.

Buying and selling stores
Representation for business customers

For an individual or company pursuing the acquisition of a business, having a knowledgeable and experienced legal advisor by your side is one of the most valuable investments you make during the acquisition process. Whether the acquisition is an asset purchase, a stock purchase, or a merger, if you keep Oppenheim law to represent you in the transaction, you will have a team of lawyers with a wide range of attorneys Expertise in business valuation, due diligence and negotiation. Our firm also regularly uses the assistance of forensically certified auditors to review our results and ensure that our clients receive only the most reliable financial information.

When a customer seeks an acquisition, an important goal that our company aggressively pursues is to shed light on the internal structure and operations of the company and to provide you with complete transparency about the company. A company may look healthy from the outside, but only a thorough and competent performance of due diligence can provide our clients with the information they need for an accurate assessment of the target business. With Oppenheim Law by your side, you will be guided far away from the pitfalls that all too often come with acquiring a business.
Representation for business sellers

When business owners turn to our company for assistance in selling their businesses, we understand that maximizing the value and speed of the transaction are two critical variables to the transaction. Our team is experienced in supporting companies in the structural preparation for takeovers and mergers.

Outsourced internal advisory services
We understand that most business owners and entrepreneurs need a trusted legal advisor to grow their business. A myriad of legal issues arise on a daily basis including, but not limited to, hiring and firing an employee, reviewing seller and customer contracts, renewing insurance and acquiring assets (i.e. purchase and sale contracts), and trade disputes involving the If done right, it doesn’t get too controversial.
We act as your concierge advisor, giving you instant access to our highly skilled legal team at an affordable monthly rate. In this way, you can easily budget your legal costs for the year and rely on our more than 75 years of legal experience. Our Concierge Advisor Program removes the “sticker shock” of legal fees and gives you the attention, experience, and responsiveness you deserve.
By acting as your outsourced in-house attorney, we, as a business owner and entrepreneur, take away the undue stress of you so you can do what you do best: focus on growing your own business.

Many companies require ongoing legal advice from an experienced attorney to assist with inquiries that arise from the day-to-day operations of a company. However, most companies do not need a full-time in-house consultant. Problems often arise that require competent legal advice from a lawyer who knows the business at short notice. Oppenheim Law offers general management consulting services, in which we get to know your corporate culture and processes at an early stage and offer you the convenience and flexibility of general consulting services on demand. From examining and drafting contracts to litigation, Oppenheim Law is well prepared for all of your business disputes. As your external general corporate counsel, Oppenheim Law will step in seamlessly to handle your litigation so that you can continue your business.

If you or your company are seeking legal representation for corporate or business matters, contact us online or call us at 954-384-6114 to arrange a consultation.

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