Midland Public Faculties worry potential litigation and are taking a two-week break from face-to-face studying. • Chemical Metropolis Paper

Midland Public Schools will put face-to-face learning and all athletics and clubs on hold for two weeks, Superintendent Michael Sharrow said in a weekly Special Edition communiqué on Friday. The break affects grades 6-12.

Michael Sharrow

“According to our district attorneys, schools that do not interrupt these activities are not protected by government immunity. Therefore, in the event of a lawsuit, these schools would have no defense, ”Sharrow said.

The break comes after Governor Gretchen Whitmer asked state school boards to shut down schools as it has been increasing rapidly across the country in cases of COVID-19.

“We all know what works and it has to be teamwork. We have to do this together – life depends on it, ”Ms. Whitmer said on Friday at a press conference at which she decided against ordering closures. “This is my request to you, the Michigan people. Please redouble your efforts on these fronts for the next several weeks. “

Ms. Whitmer’s recommendation was more of a disguised edict, Mr. Sharrow explained to the district’s parents.

“While it seemed like schools had an option to choose, they really didn’t,” he said.

Fifth grade students and below will study face-to-face for the next two weeks. The schedule for meal collection during the two-week break for secondary school students will be released on Monday.

“The district is very aware that there are many high school students and families who prefer to have their child in personal study and athletics during this two week period. However, we sincerely hope that you will support distance learning for this assignment. Take a break so we can all learn in person again on April 26th and finish this school year, ”Sharrow said.

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