MyEstateHero gives Free Will, Medical Coverage, Power of Attorney, and a Pet Guardian Belief to U.S. residents

CALABASAS, Calif., Aug. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NetworkWire – Most people don’t want to think about their own mortality, which is why 65 percent of Americans currently lack a last will and will. However, recent times have made life very unsafe for many and prompted them to put their affairs in order.

Enter MyEstateHero, an innovative new technology solution that fulfills many of life’s important needs from a single source. MyEstateHero is completely free for anyone in the US to create a will, medical policy, power of attorney, and trust as a zookeeper. They will never sell your information and there is no need to create an account. Simply log in with your email address to use the website and make future changes to your estate planning documents.

“End of life planning shouldn’t cost a fortune or nothing,” said Steve Weber, founder of QuoteHero, the parent company of MyEstateHero. “Organizing your estate should be easy and free. We offer a simple platform that takes only 10 minutes to use.”

“Right now there is a high demand for these services and documents as people try to prepare their protection and security measures for individuals and families,” added Weber. “But it’s an often confusing and costly world for most people, and they usually do it under duress and with expensive legal fees. If we can help people to relax in these turbulent times, we will be happy to help. “

According to CEO Douglas Plank, “MyEstateHero never sells names or user information, which makes it unique in the world of online protective covers and services, where many websites generate income from sales of leads. Our goal is to be the # 1 trusted, secure platform that individuals and families use to locate their most important and necessary estate planning documents. ”

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About MyEstateHero: MyEstateHero, powered by Do Your Own Will, is a secure PaaS platform that offers one-stop solutions that individuals and families can use to get their property in order. MyEstateHero is based in Calabasas, California and is powered by the company’s own search and shop platform, QuoteHero. More information is available at

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