NBA Enterprise Law Part Reveals Plans for 2021 Annual Convention The Guardian Nigeria Information

Scene from the 14th annual conference on business law. The conference, organized by the NBA Business Law Section, returns in July. Photo: NBA-SBL

The Business Law Division of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA-SBL) has unveiled plans for its 15th annual business law conference. This year’s conference will take place from July 14th to 15th over two days and, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has a hybrid format with virtual and limited personal participation.

Traditionally a convergence of law and business, the NBA-SBL conferences offer lawyers, policymakers, regulators and investors the opportunity to engage, discuss, network and relax in a convivial atmosphere.

And this year it would be no different, as important stakeholders from the digital ecosystem would be fairly represented at the conference.

During the conference, NBA-SBL Chairman and Lead Partner, Detail Solicitors, Ayuli Jemide announced that the conference will be given a notable boost on the theme of “Re-Tooling Business for Change: Harnessing the Tech Blast” on a series of knowledgeable speakers and panelists asking critical questions about the exponential growth of technology around the world.

He said: “The conference will address key issues such as technical innovation and e-governance, the future of digital financial services, alternative currencies in the digital age, global technology trends in law firm management, the role and impact of technology and innovation in bridging the gap, among others Health deficits in Nigeria, among other things important discourse. “

To make the conference effective, the organizers provide attendees and guests with a virtual and physical venue for the conference, multiple interactive virtual rooms, physical and virtual speed networks, and virtual trade shows, among other things.

Adeleke Alex-Adedipe, Chair of the 2021 Conference, spoke about sponsorship benefits and announced that the conference will bring various business benefits to sponsors in different categories. This includes virtual booths, check-in branding, session background branding, and branded pages between sessions.

Other benefits include branded breakout and virtual meeting rooms, welcome pages, banner ads, sponsored offers, highlighted exhibitors and highlights on the agenda. Sponsors would have the opportunity, among other things, to use sponsored virtual happy hours, brand surveys and interactive surveys, brand gamification as well as virtual office or drop-in hours with sales employees.

“Overall, the conference will leverage our new digital business environment to provide a truly digital conference experience for our virtual and personal attendees,” said Alex-Adedipe.

The NBA-SBL is the special branch of the Nigerian Bar Association that promotes the development of commercial law and specialized commercial law practice in Nigeria. The section currently has 21 committees that focus on specific areas of business law practice while addressing issues from various areas of the Nigerian economy.

Through its committees and strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors, the Section regularly organizes workshops, seminars and training programs for members to advance the commercial and business interests of Nigeria.

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