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KINGMAN – Mohave County’s board of directors has scheduled more than a dozen public hearings for its 9:30 am Tuesday, July 6th session that will also consider a measure related to the county’s complaint against opioid manufacturers and distributors.

Mohave County filed a complaint in the Arizona Federal District Court in 2019 against opioid manufacturers and distributors who were “responsible for the opioid epidemic.” That case was then transferred to the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio and centralized there. On Tuesday, regulators will vote on whether to accept the reorganization plan for Purdue Pharma, one of the “main defendants in opioid manufacturing,” according to the agenda.

Purdue Pharma filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and the county filed a lawsuit against Purdue in the bankruptcy court for damages caused to Mohave County and its residents.

Purdue’s proposed plan calls for an estimated $ 3.5 billion to $ 5 billion to be distributed over approximately nine years to distribute claims from federal, state, local and tribal governments. A $ 4.2 billion contribution to the plan would result in exemptions from Purdue Pharma owners and affiliates, the agenda said.

Employees will submit an analysis of funding alternatives for the county’s public security staff’s unfunded pension obligations, as the proposed sales tax was not unanimously supported by the board in fiscal year 2021-22.

Managers will discuss three options with the aim of choosing a plan that “will serve to reduce the overall cost of Mohave County’s taxpayers as much as possible.”

Thirteen public hearings are scheduled for Tuesday, each with either unanimous approval or disapproval recommendations from the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission.

These hearings cover general plan changes, rezoning of property that would allow smaller land divisions, rezoning that would allow businesses to operate, and more.

One notable public hearing concerns a zoning application that would allow cannabis cultivation in the Griffith area of ​​the county, with the property approximately 36 acres south of Quartzite Drive and east of Sacramento Road.

The board will also hold a public hearing on a possible expedited review process for special events and related fees.

The board has also scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday, July 6th, regarding a proposed ordinance requiring people in Kingman’s Butler area to connect to the city’s sewer system if they come within 30 meters of one Pipe or when they install a new septic tank or replace a failed one.

In other areas, Public Health Director Denise Burley will keep the board informed of current issues, actions, events and responses related to COVID-19.

Regulators can also approve capital project programming and reallocation of $ 260,000 for a frequency converter and shut-off valve project for the I-40 industrial water system. According to the agenda, Griffith Energy bears 90% of the project costs.

The board of directors may schedule a public hearing on August 2nd regarding the proposed elimination of separate service connection charges and meter connection charges for Golden Valley Improvement District 1.

It would set a single meter and $ 1,000 service charge, and increase the water service account deposit from $ 90 to $ 100. The water transport charges would be equated with the standpipe tariffs.

The board will consider a number of rededication requests Tuesday, all of which have been unanimously approved by the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission.

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