Parcel service for the Asia Enterprise Law Journal: Entry to the Asia Enterprise Law Journal, the China Enterprise Law Journal, the India Enterprise Law Journal and the China Lexicon –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The journal “Business Law Journal Bundle” has been added Offer.

The Business Law Journal Bundle Includes access to the Asia Business Law Journal, China Business Law Journal, and India Business Law Journal, plus a free copy of the China Lexicon.

Asia Business Law Journal

A bimonthly magazine that clarifies the legal and regulatory environment in major Asian jurisdictions and equips readers with the tools to take advantage of the opportunity to manage risk, implement effective legal solutions and identify the most skilled legal advisors across Asia. Basic reading for all internal consultants with pan-Asian responsibility!

China Business Law Journal

The only bilingual monthly (English and Simplified Chinese) magazine for business and legal practitioners based in China. The China Business Law Journal offers an in-depth analysis of the legal, financial, and regulatory challenges that do or break business in China’s complex and rapidly changing business environment.

India Business Law Journal

A market leading monthly magazine that provides expert analysis of the legal and regulatory challenges for national and international companies in India. India Business Law Journal is a must have for in-house attorneys and law firms. It assesses the impact of legal developments and provides important information on the Indian legal market.

China Lexicon

A unique bilingual guide that covers the complex problems involved in translating legal terms and definitions between English and Chinese. The China Lexicon is an essential desktop reference for all China-focused lawyers, from academics and lawmakers to in-house advisors and partners in Chinese and international law firms.

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