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HOUSTON, December 8, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Despite concentrated efforts over the past few decades, the legal profession in the United States has sought to increase the number of minorities in legal practice. The American Bar Association’s 2020 Profile of the Legal Profession Report found that only 5% of attorneys are African American, 5% Latinos, 2% Asian, and 1.3% Native American. In relation to their population, these groups are severely underrepresented in this area. In business law, the numbers are even worse. While large companies have spent a lot of money on diversity initiatives, these percentages have hardly changed in the last 10 years.

The Legacy Project is a systematic, long-term approach to identifying, attracting and developing diverse lawyers for careers in corporate law practice.

That’s why Greg Phillips and Craig Kaiser, Founding partner of the law firm Phillips Emperor PLLC founded The Legacy Project – a program dedicated not only to the recruitment but also to the development of minority lawyers in the field of corporate law.

Greg and Craig are uniquely positioned to take the lead in this endeavor.

“We’ve worked across all areas of law,” says Greg, who has practiced for more than 30 years and was the only African American on his team to have his first job with a major law firm. “We’ve worked in big firms and big corporations. We founded law firms. We ran lawyers. Our experience has really put a varied story on the table.”

Greg and Craig, who have also been practicing for over 30 years, have worked together for most of their careers, identifying minority differences, particularly in the area of ​​corporate law.

“Aside from my own law firm, I have probably never worked with more than five minority lawyers in my life,” says Craig. “This is something we need to address.”

In response to the growing call for racial justice in America, Craig approached Greg this year with the idea of ​​the Legacy Project. Craig knew he was providing general advisory services to medium and large companies Phillips Emperor could make a difference not only in the legal field, but also for companies that value legal advice with different voices as their own organizations become more diverse.

The Legacy Project is a program in which minority lawyers participate Phillips Emperor During a targeted training session with regard to service standard requirements, personal and managerial development, measurable goal setting and more.

While many law firms focus on hiring different lawyers, too often they fail to retain these lawyers because they do not believe their values ​​are in line with what may be a very homogeneous work culture.

With The Legacy Project, Craig says they will continue to “build a culture and ecosystem that will allow lawyers to thrive no matter where their careers take them. It’s really about developing the individuals.”

There is a lot of talk of race inequalities today, but Craig and Greg don’t just talk. With The Legacy Project, they use their experience and skills concretely to change the legal field as they know it for future generations.

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The Diversity Challenge: What is the Legacy Project?

The Legacy Project is a systematic, long-term approach to identifying, attracting and developing diverse lawyers for careers in corporate law practice.

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