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Whether you own a gun for personal safety or for sports, you should know about Nebraska’s laws governing the legal possession of a firearm. Nebraska is an open carry and a covert carry state.

This means that gun owners can openly carry their firearms in certain locations and hide their guns with the appropriate permission. Depending on where the gun owner carries or hides the gun, the gun decides whether the gun needs to be registered.

Do you need to register a firearm in Nebraska?

Nebraska does not have a statewide requirement to register a firearm, but the city of Omaha requires additional steps for gun owners. If you own a stealth firearm, such as a pistol, within the Omaha city limits, you will need to register the weapon. Even if you do not live in Omaha, you must register your hideaway weapon with the Omaha Police Department when traveling with the weapon within the city limits.

How to Register a Firearm in Omaha

To register a firearm, you must bring your completed application, photo identification, and $ 15 payment to the Omaha Police Department. When you buy a firearm from an arms dealer, the dealer will provide the necessary documentation to register the weapon.

Sometimes the gun dealer will not release the gun until you provide proof of a registration card. Others let you take the gun as soon as you buy it. If the gun dealer gives you the gun without your registration card, you will need to take the gun to the Omaha Police Department. The weapon must be unloaded and locked in a container.

The ones with a valid concealed carry permit do not have to register their weapon.

Qualifications to register a pistol in Omaha

There are certain requirements for registering a hidden weapon in Omaha. You must be a citizen of the United States, at least 21 years of age, and not a felon. The Omaha Police Department is reviewing your criminal history. You can be excluded from registering your weapon in one of the following ways:

  • Convictions for carrying a hidden weapon or possession of a firearm as a minor;
  • Be the subject of an active protection arrangement;
  • Convictions within the last five years for assault, child abuse, or violation of provisions of Chapter 20, Article VII the Omaha Municipal Code;
  • Domestic violence charges;
  • Records of a mental disorder;
  • Dishonest Discharge from US Forces; or
  • Use or dependence on an illegally controlled substance.

Forging information in your gun registration application not only disqualifies you from registering your gun, it is also a criminal offense.

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For more information on legal possession and registration of a firearm in Nebraska, see Contact the Petersen law firm. Our group of attorneys has over 25 years of experience working with clients in the Omaha, Nebraska, and surrounding areas. We are very familiar with the legal procedures for registering your weapon. So contact us today for assistance.

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