Report: The decide denied Britney Spears’ movement to revoke his father’s energy of legal professional. WGN radio 720

Los Angeles (NewsNation Now) – The judge denied Britney Spears’ motion to remove his father from guardianship a week after the singer made an emotional plea in court. According to reports from diversity.

Recent developments after Spears’ father asked the court overseeing her daughter’s power of attorney to investigate her testimony regarding her treatment and personal management were overly restrictive. Called offensive.

In two documents filed late Tuesday evening, James Spears stressed that he had power over his daughter’s personal affairs for nearly two years.

Its records state that the court must investigate “serious allegations of forced labor, forced medical care and treatment, inadequate medical care and restrictions on individual rights.”

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“Given the nature of the allegations and allegations, it is important that the court confirm that Mr. Spears’ testimony was correct in order to determine what corrective action should be taken,” the document reads. I have.

Filing came a week later. Britney Spears spoke for the first time before a public guardianship court that has administered her life and money for 13 years. She was forced to put on a live show, use an intrauterine device for birth control, take lithium and other drugs against her will, get married, and other things. He accused those in power of preventing them from having children.

“I really believe this power of attorney is fraudulent,” Spears said.

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The Jamie Spears Files, the father of the singer Britney Spears, will be leaving Stanley Mosque Court in Los Angeles on October 24, 2012. When Britney Spears spoke to the judge on Wednesday June at her own request. On 23rd 2021, she participates in a court-enforced guardianship system in which her father largely controlled her life and money for 13 years. Spears says the warrant saved her from breakdown and exploitation. But she wants more control over how it works, and she wants to get rid of her father. (AP Photo / Nick Ut, File)

James Spears managed his daughter’s personal life for most of the power of attorney, but now, along with a real estate management company, he only oversees her money and trades. Court-appointed Jody Montgomery has been in power over Britney Spears’ personal decisions since his father left his role in 2019.

“Mr. Spear is not the guardian of the person. He is no longer the guardian of the person since September 2019,” it says in one of the court files. “MRS. Montgomery was fully responsible for the daily personal grooming and medical care of Spears. “

Montgomery, who supported the appointment of Britney Spears, is temporarily in office. The court was expected to make her role permanent, but one of James Spears’ records suggests that her daughter’s criticism of Montgomery last week didn’t want her to play her role. It says it does.

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James Spears, when he was the guardian of his daughter’s personal choices, agreed to marry in 2012, shared protective duties with his fiancée, and everything else to support her well-being. I did that. Spears was engaged to former manager Jason Trawick in 2012, but the couple ended it up in 2013.

Britney Spears’ personal attorney, Samuel L. Ingam III. This submission is critical, he says. A court order that deprives her of the right to give her informed consent.

Emails sent to Ingam and Montgomery attorneys for comment were not immediately returned.

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Britney Spears criticized Montgomery and Ingham in her 20-minute passionate speech, but she chose her father for some of her most devastating reviews.

She accused him of enjoying his power against her, as demonstrated when he failed a series of psychological tests in 2019 and was sent to a mental hospital.

“I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute,” Spears said. “The control he had over someone as powerful as me because he loved the control that hurt his daughter 100,000%.”

James Spears said at a lawyer hearing that he was sorry to see his daughter suffer so much.

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“It is imperative that all parties are given full and fair opportunities to respond to allegations and allegations made against them,” he said on his court records.

“Both claims have been proven to be true and corrective action will be taken in this case,” the document reads. “Or, if it turns out to be wrong, the guardianship system can continue on course. It is unacceptable that restorers and courts do nothing. “

Spears told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny that she wanted the power of attorney to end, but she did not petition the court to end it.

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“I want to change something in the future,” she says. “I deserve change.”

Ingam said in court that she did not ask him. Britney Spears said in court that he did not know he could file a motion to terminate.

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Report: The judge denied Britney Spears’ motion to revoke his father’s power of attorney. WGN radio 720

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