SPONSORED: Your closest relative is powerless with out authorization

Keep in mind that a loved one will be hospitalized, but you have no say in the care or medication they will receive – that is because they have no power of attorney.

All of the decisions that need to be made about their well-being and finances are not yours, even if you are their next of kin, unless this important legal document is in place.

Caritas Legal offers specialized legal advice in plain English to help you and your loved ones set up the power of attorney.

© Supplied by Caritas Legal Lorna Brown, founder and CEO of Caritas Legal.

Lorna Brown, founder and managing director of Caritas Legal, emphasized: “I believe that competent, down-to-earth specialist advice breaks down barriers and makes the overall picture part of today’s solution.”

A power of attorney is a legal document in which you appoint someone you trust to make decisions about your finances and / or wellbeing on your behalf. Your appointed lawyer will usually act if you lose capacity. However, some clients want their attorney to make financial decisions for them right away.

Lorna also emphasized the importance of having a power of attorney: “Everyone should have a power of attorney because you never know what might happen – the past year has shown that. Most people don’t realize that without a power of attorney, their immediate relatives are powerless. “

There are three types of powers of attorney, the most common of which is the Finance and Welfare Power of Attorney, which includes making decisions about your finances, property, medical treatment, and care.

Many people choose to have a will drawn up as part of their future planning to ensure their wishes are recorded and their estate apportioned accordingly. Caritas Legal can also help with the preparation of a will as part of its service.

Danielle Stevenson, Senior Associate and Head of Family Law at Caritas Legal added, “People don’t want to talk about death, but a will can eliminate the need for those difficult conversations as well as potential conflicts down the line. A will removes worries and stress for relatives in the future. “

Call Caritas Legal on 01383 431 101 or email [email protected] to discuss the establishment of your power of attorney and will. The firm is offering Sunday Post readers a 20% discount on the power of attorney by quoting “SundayPostPOA” when calling or emailing.

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