The annual assembly of the Affiliation of Company Counsel in Asia Pacific might be digital Asia Enterprise Law Journal

T.The Asia-Pacific Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) will host its annual virtual meeting on transforming the modern legal department. The 2021 Virtual ACC Xchange will take place from June 16-17.

Working with ACC’s Legal Department management network and Legal Department, ACC Xchange enables current and future lawyers to discover best practices. The virtual conference offers the experience to support legal innovations and exchange ideas with “a day of learning and a day of doing”.

“We are excited to bring this event to the internal legal community in the Asia-Pacific region,” Tanya Khan, vice president and general manager of ACC Australia and Asia-Pacific, told Asia Business Law Journal.

“In-house legal departments around the world are at the forefront of business innovation, and the ACC Asia-Pacific Xchange will highlight real solutions for lawyers as they seek opportunities for innovative thinking and improved decision-making.”

Khan said the program offering was designed to help attendees improve their leadership skills for innovative thinking and improved decision-making, create and implement frameworks for improving departmental practices and processes, and obtain the information needed to develop innovative ideas that secure C-. Suite approval, tracking metrics to justify investments and show the value of new tools and resources, and benchmark where the legal department compares to colleagues.

Internal legal advisers and legal advisors can secure a discounted rate if early bird registrations are made before May 15th.

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