The COVID restrictions in Philadelphia had been lifted on June 2nd

Philadelphia will lift its COVID restrictions on June 2, a week ahead of schedule, city officials said on Friday.

This includes any maximum capacity limits and distance rules that have affected businesses in the city since the pandemic began. The city called these rules “Safer Home” restrictions.

However, the city’s obligations for inner masks still apply. In addition, the rule that meals in the restaurant end at 23:00 still apply.

The Ministry of Health continued to review the city’s pandemic situation and said it could lift those restrictions on Friday June 11, but that’s not clear.

This is an important step for the largest city in the region, which was the last government to put many COVID lockdown rules in the region. Pennsylvania lifts Memorial Day restrictions; New Jersey picked up most of them on May 19th.

The city took this step as reported COVID cases have dropped to their lowest level since September 2020.

“These are encouraging signs that vaccination is really changing the Philadelphia flood,” said Dr. Cheryl Betigor, Acting City Health Authority. “There’s still a lot to be done to reach all Philadelphians, but we want people to celebrate the good parts of their lives that have come back from vaccination.”

This is breaking news and will be updated.

The COVID restrictions in Philadelphia were lifted on June 2nd

Source Link Philadelphia COVID Restrictions Lifted June 2nd. Proxy NBC10 Philadelphia

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