The ICC Institute of World Enterprise Law is internet hosting its 40th Annual Convention – ICC

This year’s edition of the ICC Institute of World Business Law’s annual conference will bring together international business practitioners, legal experts and academics virtually to discuss the topic Overriding Mandatory Rules and Compliance with International Arbitration.

Economic sanctions, foreign exchange and export control regulations enacted by countries and regional organizations increasingly overlap with arbitration around the world. While the overarching nature of these rules for certain areas is undisputed, it is unclear whether these rules are relevant or even binding for international arbitration courts outside of these designated areas.

With concise guidelines, the world’s leading arbitrators, lawyers, business leaders and political decision-makers will meet virtually at the ICC Institute’s annual conference to discuss and discuss the effects of the primacy of mandatory rules on arbitration tribunals. Participants will consider the conflicting expectations for compliance and consider whether overriding mandatory rules are relevant to arbitration tribunals located in other jurisdictions or specific territories.

From keynote addresses to panel discussions, this year’s annual conference offers attendees an excellent opportunity to gain insights from world-class legal experts, hold current discussions and network with other professionals. This year’s keynote speaker is Carter Burwell, advisor to the Department of Terrorism and Financial Information (TFI), Treasury Department.

As part of the event, the ICC Institute will host the Overriding Mandatory Rules and Compliance with International Arbitration (Dossier XIX of the institute series). Prepared by several of the participating speakers, the Overriding Mandatory Rules and Compliance with International Arbitration are made available to participants free of charge as part of their conference material package.

The ICC Institute was founded in 1979 with the help of Pierre Lalive, Serge Lazareff and Yves Derains, the former Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and founding partner of the Paris-based law firm Derains & Gharavi. The founding purpose and mission of the institute is to drive innovations in the development of law and global business practices through research and education.

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