The von Biden administration is asking on the courtroom to finish litigation over the California emission exemption and methane rollback

The Biden administration is calling on the courts to suspend litigation over both the Trump administration’s resignation from California’s ability to set its own vehicle emissions standards and reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

The administration noted in separate court files on Monday that the White House submitted each policy for review by the relevant authorities, which means a break is warranted.

“Failure to do so will further the interest of the Court of Justice in avoiding unnecessary rulings, supporting the integrity of the administrative process and ensuring due respect for the executive’s prerogative to rethink the policy decisions of a previous administration,” the administration said before the court.

In both cases, the administration asked the court to drop the case up to 30 days after the review was complete.

Both rules were major climate setbacks carried out by the Trump administration.

The California waiver ruleThe so-called “One National Program Rule” gave the federal government sole power to set emissions standards, which undermined the ability of California and 13 other states to make their cars greener.

Meanwhile, the methane rule ended the regulation of methane from the production, processing, transmission and storage of oil and gas. In addition, regulations on emissions of gases known as volatile organic compounds have been removed from the transmission and storage of oil and gas.

On his first day in office, President Biden gave one flat-rate executive order that instructed federal authorities Check out dozen of Trump administrative rules that violate the administration aim, among other things, to “promote and protect our public health and the environment.”

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