Use the NDC to trace your Chapter 13 chapter

The National Data Center (or “NDC”) is a comprehensive data source for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and claims. Bankruptcy debtors have free access. If you submitted a Chapter 13 in Maryland or Washington, DC, create an account on the NDC website. Once you have an account, you can start tracking your Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Get an overview with the case summary

At a glance, the Case Summary tab gives you a quick overview of the status of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can view your most recent payments, the total amount you deposited into your Chapter 13 plan, and the amount of any unpaid funds the trustee has available.

Track your bankruptcy using Chapter 13 - Case Summary

Track your creditors with Claim Summary

On the Claims Summary tab, see who the trustee is paying (and how much). You can view the creditor, type of claim, claim amount, principal and interest paid, and the remaining amount for each creditor claim.

Track your bankruptcy under Chapter 13 - Receivables Summary

Get a visual view of the ledger

You can view your receipts and payments on the Account Ledger tab. The “receipts” are the amounts that you have deposited into your Chapter 13 plan. And “Payouts” are the amounts that the Chapter 13 Trustee paid to creditors. The account ledger can be sorted above using the “Filter by” parameter. The Account Ledger provides a chronological view of your entire Chapter 13 case.

Track your Chapter 13 bankruptcy ledger

Track your Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the NDC

Since 2006, nearly all Chapter 13 trustees have provided case data nightly. Any Chapter 13 debtor thinks from time to time, “How long do I have to go on my Chapter 13?” Use the NDC to track your Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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