Voelker Litigation Group urges legislation companies nationwide to hitch the $ 100 for 100 mission and thanks key COVID contributors

Chicago, IL. April 14, 2021: The Voelker Litigation Group has put law firms in the United States in a challenging battle to partner with the firm to distribute $ 100 bills to key workers who risked their health and safety in order to benefit our citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic .

“Most law firms are full of attorneys who made their living in the cozy rooms of their wood-paneled offices, far removed from the machines that keep this country moving. It is time we lawyers saw the value our fellow citizens have for the essentials keep workers worries ungrateful through their flesh, blood and spirit and share some of the wealth we have accumulated through pushing papers and speeches, “says Daniel J. Voelker, managing partner of the Voelker Litigation Group.

The program parameters are simple and are explained on the project website: each donor attorney or law firm hands out $ 100 bills to those who have helped in their neighborhood or community. Each $ 100 invoice is accompanied by a thank you note and thank you note card and a link to the $ 100 for 100 website where recipients can post a thank you comment in return.

Lawyers or law firms interested in participating can register here.

The Voelker Litigation Group is a boutique law firm with 35 years of experience serving small, medium and Fortune 500 companies on a wide variety of commercial matters. For more information:

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