Was Britney Spears “pressured” to tour in 2018?

Britney Spears’ restoration team disagree with her claim that she was “forced” to tour Europe in 2018.

When she spoke to the judge last week about her 13-year-old power of attorney, pop stars said they weren’t interested in playing across Europe three years ago, but their management is imperative. Made her do it. According to TMZ, Britney’s management is able to tell the judge an entirely different story that the singer was “excited” on the tour.

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The team will reportedly commemorate the demise of Britney’s Las Vegas residency show. “I didn’t see anything on my calendar for most of 2018 and then I asked management to find something so I wouldn’t be bored for a year,” she told the website.

Sources continued: “She was literally begging for the 2018 European Tour. She was very excited and kept calling for confirmation. On December 16, 2017. An SMS exchange will take place between the management and Britney. We provide your tour routing. She asks a few questions and expresses how excited she is about them. “

At the explosive hearing on June 23, Britney said, “I did the 2018 tour. I was forced to … t continue the tour. But when I got off the stage in Vegas he gave me a piece of paper and told me to sign it. It was very threatening and scary. I was my lawyer so I was scared to go on tour. “

However, Guardian sources essentially blamed the revisionist story, claiming Britney was “ready” to sign up on the tour, but then changed her tone during the trip. ..

“She just didn’t want to be there, so she was trying to find all the excuses to leave the tour when she wrote a story about being forced to,” sources said. ..

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In addition, the management team protests that Britney’s alleged flip-flops changed the parents’ protocol.

“She lied and denied that she agreed to this. The parents were then forced to implement a protocol that required administrators to approve all work-related obligations. It was an obligation. “

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Was Britney Spears “forced” to tour in 2018?

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