Webinar on Business Law Updates on Return

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Tahoe Chamber to offer the business community the opportunity to attend their annual level-up webinar on Human Resources Updates on January 21, from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Sutton Hague Law Corporation attorneys, Brett Sutton and Jared Hague will educate business owners and managers about the new COVID-19 compliance laws in Nevada and California and teach attendees how to protect their businesses from liability in the face of these changes.

According to Hiscox’s study, California and Nevada companies are 46% and 55% more likely than the average company to be hired. Many charges can be prevented by staying informed of changes in labor law.

This vital webinar provides attendees with information on the latest laws, ordinances, and government guidelines for COVID-19 paid vacation, reporting, and vaccination requirements.

Workshop moderators Brett Sutton and Jared Hague are partners with Sutton Hague Law Corporation, which has offices in California and Nevada. Both attorneys have trained thousands in all aspects of labor law and the firm runs bi-monthly webinars on labor law issues for employers in California and Nevada.

The Level UP webinar is available to Truckee Chamber members for $ 10. Use the promo code TruckeeChamber to receive this discount when you register as a non-member (of the Tahoe Chamber). To register, visit

Truckee Chamber of Commerce

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization with over 630 members with the aim of making a positive difference for its members and the community by continuously improving Truckee’s business climate and strengthening economic development opportunities while maintaining the community character and local feel retained by Truckee.

Source: Truckee Chamber of Commerce

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